Sarcastic Gamer: Dead Space is A+

From the review:

"There has not been a minute since the game arrived that I wasn't feeling the pangs of desire to get back to it. It is a crown jewel in the horror/shooter genre, and many facets of its design will no doubt find implementations in future titles. From the opening moments, until it's bitter end this is one game that over delivers on the hype that has surrounded it for over a year now."

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bunbun7773691d ago

Another 10- this month may be the hottest in video game history!

GamerSigma3691d ago

Its getting pretty consistent reviews in the high 9's.... I like that the author wasn't limited by the word counts of the pro bloggers.

he went into a lot detail without spoiling a thing.


DrzBigChris3691d ago

i must really rent this game did not see it coming