Far Cry 5 Will Have Microtransactions, But No Lootboxes

Far Cry 5, the very first game in Ubisoft’s open world globe trotting first person action franchise, will, much like just about every other Ubisoft game, feature microtransactions. At this point, this should come as a surprise to no one, because this is basically the norm for all Ubisoft games.

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Obscure_Observer285d ago

Now, Let´s see how many people will pass on this game or they will just turn a blind eye because it´s not an EA game.

Team_Litt284d ago

Battlefront had microtransactions and loot boxes and progression was tied heavily to purchase of MTs.
There's a right way of doing MTs and then there's EA's way.

IGiveHugs2NakedWomen284d ago

I'm not buying it until it a complete game for $20. Anyone else who doesn't support microtransactions should do the same.

moegooner88284d ago (Edited 284d ago )

People had issue with BF2 because progression was tied to loot boxes. Microtransactions like the ones in AC Origins have no impact on the gaming experience itself. There is a huge difference, and those incapable of differentiating between both and why BF2 was shunned are nothing short of clueless.

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PhoenixUp285d ago

That’s a far cry from what I expected for this series, but not from the publisher

witazih284d ago

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SenorFartCushion284d ago (Edited 284d ago )

This shouldn't be pegged as good news


"Far Cry 5 has got f****** microtransactions -- because it can't just ship as a completed game."

It's single player with co-op on the side.

zielocz3k284d ago

season pass and dlc were already announced few months ago, gold edition etc typical ubi

SenorFartCushion284d ago

Whip out the corresponding Spreadsheet

1nsomniac284d ago (Edited 284d ago )

Serious question, Has anyone ever bought any kind of micro transaction/loot box??

I’m not saying I know a massive amount of people but I’ve never met anyone who has ever bought anything other than a season pass/expansion. Maybe because I’m 34 so the people I know are of an older crowd but still. I don’t know anyone who understands the concept of paying real money for silly in game items or shortcuts. It has such an embarrassment factor surrounding it. Why would anyone want to!?

The 10th Rider284d ago

I think it's typically either those who are addicted to those sort of things or younger individuals who don't have a good concept of value.

OB1Biker284d ago (Edited 284d ago )

A friend of mine spent a lot in MEA MP but I never heard of anyone buying anything in SWBF 2 since the game released.
Guess which game is famous for MTS.

edeprez284d ago

I haven't. But many publishers are making more from their MT's than game sales, so there's gotta be a few incredibly foolish people out there making up for us.

bigmalky284d ago

I have, but only in Warframe. I had played about 40 hours and realised that for a free to play game, the developers deserved my cash for a job well done... I put another 60+ hours in afterwards.

Never bought any in a retail game though, as most games with MTs these days aren't even worth £50, never mind buying overpriced shite to try and make them better.

People that do must be far gone in the bullshit of this generation.

opinionated284d ago (Edited 284d ago )

I know a few people that have spent a few dollars here and there and I think that’s most people.

These morons like to pretend there are millions of 10 year olds out there spending 5k a piece. That’s simply not true. If your launch base is spending anything, 5 or 10 dollars then that’s a metric shit ton of cash. These people are economically illiterate, they don’t understand business and they don’t understand law. That’s why they are calling for the ESRB to regulate loot boxes lol. An organization (a ratings board of all things) made by the publishers are supposed to regulate publishers. That’s how stupid these people are, don’t try to rationalize their retardation. I have tried and it’s not possible.

PUBG284d ago

@ Op

I bought a loot box once on Gear of War 4, and then never touched another one on any game since. I found it to be a rip-off, and with Gears 4, you don't really need to spend the money anyway, since you can unlock credits pretty easy to purchase loot boxes with.

I did however buy some different cars for Burnout Paradise back in the day, and possibly some items for Uncharted 3 and some characters for Borderlands 2. Basically, yes, I've bought the odd micro-transaction, but typically I stay away from them. The key is that I have to love the game I'm playing to even consider it, and even then, I have my limits.

GruntboxWizard284d ago (Edited 284d ago )

I've bought keys for Rocket League because I want to support the developer. I got it free on ps plus and I want them to have my money to be honest, I love the game and they do a great job looking after the community. That said, I hate MTs. Also just because the guy said it's usually younger people, I'm 25.

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DillyDilly284d ago

& watch this still make money because people are sheep & stupid

edeprez284d ago (Edited 284d ago )

This is the future of gaming, I doubt we'll ever be rid of all these MT's.

_-EDMIX-_284d ago

Or maybe because the people who are buying it simply want to play a game for fun

I'm pretty positive you can actually purchase this game and not buy microtransactions.

DaBudSmoka284d ago

By the disagrees, I guess people can't buy it to play for fun. That's what I'm doing. MTs are of no concern to me since I do not buy them

dragonyght284d ago (Edited 284d ago )

the correct terminology dub by Dev for those kind of people is WHALES -_-

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