GameDaily: Dead Space Review

GameDaily could dissect the game's minor issues, such as the inability to make quick turns or the reliance on gimmicky features (Kinesis feels very Star Wars), but Dead Space is too good. Say what you will about your second or third time through, but that first time is a wondrous experience full of tense moments and spectacular discoveries. This is the best survival horror game since Resident Evil 4 and a must play for anyone that appreciates the horror and/or sci-fi genre. Bravo to everyone involved.

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DevastationEve3717d ago

Damn, this game is stirring up quite a buzz! I'll have to pick it up then. Good thing games like this DO exist. That they can pop up with no hopes, no hype and just all of a sudden dominate the reviews. Gives hope that there is still more to come.

Why o why3717d ago

i felt like that about cod4. Tha game hit me from leftfield

DrzBigChris3717d ago

now i must play this game with the good reviews its getting