Far Cry 5 Gives Us Reason to Hope | Hardcore Gamer

Far Cry 5 is shaping up to deliver the traditional Far Cry experience while trying to expand and push the series forward.

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Internetratnik17d ago

This game has the same mechanics as FC3!
The narrative looks interesting but god damn this is so repulsive

The_Sage17d ago

I don't know where you got that this game has the same mechanics as far cry 3... It's not stated in this article.

I also don't know what you find so repulsive. The fact that it's a cult? Is that worse than an evil dictator, or a drug lord somehow?

Belinker30017d ago (Edited 17d ago )

I'm glad to hear they removed the tower's...climb tower,clear outpost,rinse and repeat was getting stale with the series

Anthotis17d ago

The SJW author was kind enough to use the now common SJW term "ethnocentric" within the first paragraph of the excrement article, so i know to cease reading and find credible reviews elsewhere rather than waste my time anymore.

TheOttomatic9117d ago

Said better than I could have