OPINION: Let's start adapting more games from books

Movies get adapted from books plenty often, but what of games? Adapting video games from the page has the potential to open up whole new dimensions of imagination and elaboration upon ideas seeded by an author.

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derkasan259d ago

No shortage of material, thats for sure.

NewMonday258d ago (Edited 258d ago )

easy choices for RPG games:
Dark Tower

outside suggestions:
Death Gate(underrated fantasy saga)
Metabarons (french comic but awesome)
Gantz (Japanese manga with a concept perfect for an online Co-Op FPS)

Tross258d ago (Edited 258d ago )

I would say it depends on the genre and plot of a book, but there are plenty out there that could be adapted to a game. Also, games don't have a limit of 2 and 1/2 hours or less to tell their story, so big chunks of a book that would get cut for a movie could still be included. It also won't take two to three games to tell the story of a larger book like it sometimes does with movies.

maybelovehate258d ago

And let's please start with The Way of Kings!! Although there is a short and awesome VR experience, I mean a full game.

gamejediben257d ago

I would kill for a game based on Mistborn. Consuming and burning metals to perform special powers like levitation and far sight while trying to start a revolution against a tyrannical god emperor and his forces sounds like a multimillion seller to me.

Hell just about any book from Brandon Sanderson seems inspired by video game mechanics. He could very well be the next Sapkowski (author of The Witcher).