Why The StarCraft II Trilogy Is A Good Thing user Thomas Minelga submitted this fantastic article to the site earlier today. He gives his view on what the fact that StarCraft II will be three different games actually means, and attempts to convince readers why it's actually a really good thing.

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RKRigney3627d ago

I have a HUGE game boner for this game. (these games?)

hombrehambre3627d ago

That's a little gross, but I totally agree. :D

hombrehambre3627d ago

I hope they do a package deal for cheap where you can get all 3, orange box style

tinydancer3627d ago

All 3 games aren't coming out all at once, though, right?

RKRigney3627d ago

Well how much are they going to charge for the individual games? That's another question.

OldWizard3627d ago

this could be better than Old-Wizard's Top 10 Tips For Using a Public Bathroom list.

doubtful though.

tinydancer3627d ago

Heh that's one of those articles that I wish I had thought to write.

RKRigney3627d ago

Yeah it's totally off topic but at least it's a good article.

Stoneroses63003627d ago

good stuff as always from OW and SlapStic

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