Should the ESRB Protect You from Loot Boxes?

The ESRB is going to note when games have in-game purchases with a special label. Is that going too far? Or is it not doing enough to warn about loot boxes?

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Chaosdreams284d ago

The new label is the most pointless, out of touch example of how irrelevant the ESRB has become. Firstly, the label applies to almost every game that has DLC. Games like the Witcher 3 will be grouped with EA'S Battlefront 2. Thanks ESRB, you really tried your worthless best.

Instead of the ESRB actually showing initiative and stating the obvious - that the loot boxes need to be addressed. Instead of them helping find ways to mitigate the negative consequences loot boxes pose, they instead label them as "fun" and throw a sticker on a box.

When the government steps in (country by country), and they will, the ESRB and its sister organizations will only have themselves to blame. They have one job and apparently doing it is too hard a concept for them to swallow.

_-EDMIX-_283d ago

That's because when you actually look up loot boxes themselves or Loot crates or whatever you want to call them they are still downloadable content they are still microtransactions which actually means any game that has microtransactions or downloadable content is going to apply to that label I'm sorry but you cannot ask a company like this to start trying to look for games individually based on these deep specifics and ignore other games that are virtually doing similar things.

So if anything I actually think the real conversation needs to be how do we Define what actually is a Loot Crate or loot box? What really is that specifically that is different from any other piece of downloadable content and then we could have the conversation regarding labeling.

Chaosdreams283d ago

Simple difference would be:

DLC: Paid content that is added into the game. The content purchased is as advertised and permanent. A one time purchase.

MT's/loot boxes: Paid content that gives an idea of what one might receive on a matter of chance. Additionally content that is used and then is gone forever.

It's not complicated. The ESRB simply doesn't care/want to step in. I don't see how they'd have trouble looking into if a game has those aspects? It would fall in line with their current rating system. However since the ESRB doesn't classify it as gambling, their rating system doesn't even apply accurately.

_-EDMIX-_283d ago

@Chaos- "Paid content that gives an idea of what one might receive on a matter of chance."

Ok, you might as well ban pokemon cards if you consider those packs don't tell you 100% of what you are going to get, in BF, those crates can be purchased using in game credit you win from matches. I'm sorry but its just not enough and seems worthless to most users. Put a parental lock on XB or PSN so they can' t purchase and move on.

Sciurus_vulgaris284d ago

The ESRB isn’t meant to protect, rather give awareness of the contents of a game. Adults and older youths don’t needs protection from MTs, as they are (or should be ) more mature, and have an understanding of the significance of Thierry purchases. The ESRB has a content rating system that many parents constantly ignore.

opinionated283d ago

Nonsense! I demand the esrb ban loot boxes now!

_-EDMIX-_283d ago

But it also has a rating label that many parents trust and listen to that don't really know much about games so they're able to see the mature rating and understand that it means the content might be too violent for their child.

I just don't really believe people who choose to ignore it should be factored into this because you could say that about anything but I believe ESRB is still doing a good job because their job is simply to inform the uninformed and this rating label over the generations has helped greatly

Especially after Columbine when everyone was trying to go after games.

I mean I ignore the ESRB label myself many times but that's also because I'm an avid gamer myself but it wasn't really made for someone like me it was made for those parents that just don't really get gaming, they're going to easily get a system of a few letters on the corner of a box.

Fist4achin283d ago

What about the children?!

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opinionated283d ago

Lmao! If you have to ask then probably. What a dumb question.

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