Far Cry 5 is probably the best open world shooter you'll play this year - Daily Star

Ubisoft's next game is promising to be a hit, but can it live up to past Far Cry experiences? Here's what we think.

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morganfell113d ago

Not if they left those eagles in the game.

112d ago
opinionated112d ago

Lmao HATE them. I saved a primal clip of me shooting one down long distance with an arrow after it attacked me and ran away. That was a proud moment for me.

111d ago
joab777112d ago

It's saying a lot as there is a small game coming this fall that may be to differ. My only issue with FC games has been the reputation without any real progression.

TheSaint111d ago

As soon as you hear the eagle screeching, run under the nearest tree. Messes with their targeting.

morganfell111d ago

Those were not nearly as annoying. I never had a honey badger attack me while I was sneaking around an enemy encampment.

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Goldby113d ago

spiderman will probably be better,

Imp0ssibl3112d ago

Spider-Man is not a first person shooter, but Metro Exodus is.

Eidolon112d ago

Rdr2 is not a FPS. Headline reads shooter, not FPS, but Spider-Man ain't any type of shooter, unless you're counting shooting webs.

RememberThe357111d ago

Metro isn't open world, just really big maps.

KillBill111d ago

"open world shooter" was the comparison point. Though Spider-man doesn't fall into that either.

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on_line_forever111d ago (Edited 111d ago )

I hate open world in fps games
So No Metro Exodus will be the best

sizeofyou112d ago

I think RDR2 may argue...

CP_Company112d ago

i agree. Metro semi open world gonna blow this game out of the water.

snoopgg111d ago

Don't get me wrong, I love the exodus series, but it won't blow farcry 5 out of the water. Farcry 5 will win in graphics, length of game, multiplayer, plus coop play,and being openworld to boot. It beats exodus in so many categories , that its not even close.

Mr Lahey112d ago

Is rdr2 really a first person shooter?

BadElf112d ago

It will have a fps option, apparently. And u shoot things

joab777112d ago

No, but it may have the option and it's says shooter.

sizeofyou111d ago

And article title is "best open world shooter"...

KillBill111d ago

"Far Cry 5 is probably the best open world shooter you'll play this year" why do you point out FPS? Point was 'open world shooter' not FPS.

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The_Jackel112d ago

we are in march...... so i doubt that very much

LoveSpuds112d ago

The more I see of this game, the more fun it looks.

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The story is too old to be commented.