MyGen: Pure Review

MyGen writes: "Racing games have evolved a lot over the years from simple kart racers to a genre that now contains a ridiculous amount of depth and variety. Whether you favour a more realistic racing simulation or a classic, arcade-style high-speed racer, you'll find something out there to enjoy. The newest addition to this ever-growing genre of games is Pure, a racing title developed by Black Rock Studios that puts aside complicated driving mechanics in favour of a more straightforward, adrenaline-pumping driving sensation. In many ways, Pure very much achieves what it set out to do. There are certainly some problems with the title, but from the moment you power-on the game, you get the sense that the developers are on a mission to impress you as much as possible. From some really breath-taking courses to huge jumps and a fantastic sense of speed, Pure feels very, well…pure.

In terms of modes, what you'll likely be playing most by yourself is Pure's World Tour mode, which essentially serves as the game's career mode. You create a character, modify your vehicle, and hit the track in several varied races attempting to come out on top in the end. There are three different event types to play: Freestyle, Sprint, and Race. Each requires a different racing focus, and there's enough variety with these three modes to feel like you're actually playing differently each time."

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