World of Goo review by WiiWare World

Here is a small extract from WiiWare World's review of World of Goo:

"It's quite amazing that a development team consisting of basically three people have somehow been able to create such a unique and charming gaming experience like the one found in World of Goo. What's also quite amazing is the fact that you can purchase this outstanding title for a mere 1500 Wii Points. Other WiiWare developers out there need to take notice that World of Goo has raised the bar for what a WiiWare title should be and it's raised it fairly high. Not only is World of Goo easily the best WiiWare release to date, it's also proof that you don't need a large development team or millions of dollars to create an outstanding video game. In an era of video gaming where style is often emphasized over substance, it's refreshing to see a title like World of Goo that somehow manages to feature an abundance of both."

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Maxned3687d ago

Its a shame this game isnt getting enough attention on N4G... its getting just as good of scores than braid.