11 Classics That Should Be Remade

It's no secret that the gaming industry has been, and will be, seeing plenty of remakes of classics many of us remember so fondly. The immediate success of Crash Bandicoot N. Sane Trilogy, Shadow of the Colossus and Secret of Mana is proof that after enough time passes we crave to see some of our all-time favorites reborn in the stunning visuals, comfortable gameplay mechanics and enhanced audio that modern gaming brings to the table.

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PhoenixUp288d ago (Edited 288d ago )

You let me down author. You enticed me with putting Viewtiful Joe in the thumbnail, which never had a rerelease and should have one by now, yet litter the rest of this article with games that already had rereleases.

Goldeneye 007 already had a remake in 2010, and that remake got a remaster in 2011.

Metal Gear Solid already has a remake.

Indigo Prophecy already has a modern remaster.

Metroid Prime already got reworked from the ground up with more intuitive controls in Metroid Prime Trilogy.

Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas has been ported across so many platforms and is so readily available that a full blown remake seems unnecessary and a bit excessive.

Persona 1 & both Persona 2 titles already had remakes on PSP.

CWheatley287d ago

The actual GoldenEye remake (by Rare) was initially cancelled due to copyright issues with Nintendo. The Wii release, and PS3/X360 remaster (developed by n-Space and Eurocom), while very commendable, isn't the remake that Rare was working on. There are actually some clips from Rare Thieves (Rare's Youtube channel showing off shelved projects) displaying some footage from their cancelled version. I'm getting nit-picky, I know, but I would love to see the game remade by the original developers. I probably should have been more specific...

The Metroid Trilogy wasn't necessarily built from the ground up, but fixed bugs and glitches, enhanced visuals for HD support, updated controls, and the main reason: to add all three on a single disc. Not a complete rebuild of "One of the Greatest Games Ever", but more of a polished port.

Re-releases, ports and remasters aren't the same as remaking the original titles. Those titles you've listed, while true all received remasters or ports, are not the same as rebuilding the game from the ground up - similar to Shadow of the Colossus PS4 and N. Sane Trilogy, as well as the upcoming MediEvil remake. Ports, remasters and re-releases are taken out of the equation because they're are not full fledged remakes - similar to what Blue point Games is doing right now.

PhoenixUp287d ago

By why even list games that already have rereleases? It’s not often that a game can be like Shadow of the Colossus, Final Fantasy IV, Final Fantasy VII, The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time, & The Legend of Zelda: Majora’s Mask where it gets a remake after it already had a remaster. In most cases it’s either one or the other, or that a previous remake gets remastered on other platforms.

I get it’s an opinion piece and all, but that Viewtiful Joe thumbnail had me thinking this would be a list of games that never got a chance to get a second chance in any way.

CWheatley287d ago

Not my intention to mislead you. Truly just a list of games that were popular, fun timeless classics that would do great if remade. As you said, just an opinion. The purpose of the article is to let a little more imagination in and wonder what a San Andreas remake would be like with GTA V controls and graphics (and add in the FPS mode??). How enticing an MGS remake would be if it was rebuilt to look like the Shadow Moses Act in MGS 4 .

You're actually hitting on a point I've been pondering for awhile now: Should developers wait a bit longer to release games as remakes instead of remasters. I.e. If Shadow was never remastered last gen, how much more exciting would the recent re-release have been? Just an example.

Either way, thanks for the outlook.

DJK1NG_Gaming286d ago

Majora's Mask never had a remake or remaster til the 3DS.

PhoenixUp286d ago

@ CW

Rockstar’s input this generation has been pretty lackluster this entire generation for a publisher of its caliber. Yeah they had two great remasters and a great new title on the way, but they’ve produced little else which is especially jarring for a publisher of its size. With that in mind I’d be pretty miffed if they did make a San Andreas remake instead of a new game because of how one tracked minded they’ve become in the 8th gen. That is if they can even devote their attention away from supporting GTA Online to even make a remake in the first place.

Konami actually produced some great cutscenes of MGS3 with the Fox Engine for some pachinko machine. That a publisher like that would waste such resources on not even a console entry just shows how little reverence they have for the series and its fans. In fact with the way the meddled with MGSV’s development and how they’re handling Metal Gear Survive, I don’t trust them with a Metal Gear Solid remake.

I don’t think the time a remake is made would hinder its value in any way. The Shadow of the Colossus remake isn’t any less spectacular because of its earlier remaster. Plus that remastered collection allowed more people to experience ICO, which I’m sure isn’t going to get a remake like its successor.

@ DJ

Ocarina of Time and Majora’s Mask were remastered on GameCube via The Legend of Zelda: Collector's Edition.

_-EDMIX-_286d ago

To be fair Persona 1 and 2 are more closer to well-made remasters than remakes.

PhoenixUp286d ago

All three games on PSP are still regarded as remakes by pretty much every publication

Yohshida286d ago

Man that indigo prophecy remaster is still broken as hell on PC. I just want a remake :D

Gardenia286d ago


You clearly don't know the difference between remasters and remakes

PhoenixUp286d ago

@ Gardenia

Yes I do 😑

Point out where I used remaster in the same manner as a remake

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Xenophon_York286d ago

Okay, maybe we could take a break from the 'games that need remade' stories twice a week. My answers are kind of set:

-Legacy of Kain: Blood Omen

And, for a bonus:
-Alan Wake

Avengerz43286d ago

Panzer Dragoon
Chrono Trigger
Metal Gear Solid (yes I know about twin snakes)
An older GTA like 3 or I'd like to see Vice City
Parasite Eve

I'd like to see an older Nintendo franchise from NES era like excitebike or spy hunter

Kid Icarus on the switch
RE2 (even though I hear this is coming)
Eternal Darkness
Midnight club modern reboot
Silent Hill
Star Wars Kotor 3
Jade empire
Road rash
Chakan forever man or comic zone from Genesis era

So many possibilities especially for Nintendo. They could bring AAA title remakes out of their a$$ lol.. Sony just showed everyone with the SoC remake what is possible.

Sgt_Slaughter286d ago

RE2 was announced but zero details or screenshots/videos have ever been released.

Avengerz43286d ago

Lol Grandma is supposed to be Grandia, damn auto correct on these phones.

TheOttomatic91286d ago

Would pay up front for a viewtiful Joe Remaster

zerocarnage286d ago

Streets of rage, golden axe, captain commando, mega lo mania, Alex the kid, altered beast, that's just from megadrive era and there's more. there's just so many titles that deserve to be bought back, made in todays gen, not as Indies but given the full love and treatment.

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