'Super Smash Bros.' for Switch Character Roster Predictions

"After hearing the rumors of Super Smash Bros coming to Nintendo Switch later this year, Andrew and I couldn’t help but make a roster prediction video." -- Nintendo Enthusiast

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AGVulture89286d ago

Shovel Knight and Waluigi!

hamzilla281d ago (Edited 281d ago )

Never know... Nintendo and Microsoft seem to have a good thing going... I will predict MASTER CHIEF makes a surprise appearance.....

hamzilla281d ago

I really hope Cloud and Ryu and Mega Man are back again

hamzilla281d ago

and as for newcomers... it would be DOPE if Crash, Bomberman, Banjo Kazooie joined up. I know Nintendo and Rare are talking again about something big perhaps a Switch Banjo game or Rare helps Nintendo with the next Donkey Kong? also long shot on this guest fighter but would be cool as heck if Yooka Laylee joined too as they would fit in... oh also please bring back ICE CLIMBERS