Sea of Thieves Developer: When You’re Building A Service, You Can’t Afford To Burn The Team Out

A perspective we don't often get.

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MakoD21d ago (Edited 21d ago )


And I thought they were wanting to sell me a game. Silly me. Producing a world that has no content isn't a service either, its snakeoil to have someone fund your development. Jez.

cleft521d ago

I dont mind games as a service, provided they give me a full game first. Sea of Thieves was barebones in the beta and their 10 year plan is basically to add the rest of the base game to the initial release. In short, this game will fail. Even if this was a f2p game it wouldnt be all that popular after the initial period. If you have the Game Pass this is free for you, but for everyone else its still a full priced game. Get the game part right first, then try to sale me on the idea of more paid content. Too many developers and publishers just want to jump to the service part, like its a forgone conclusion that their game will sale well enough to warrant more than that initial release.

MakoD21d ago (Edited 21d ago )

Its so barebones I have no idea how they will get people to pay for it to start with. If it was f2p at least they are getting money indirectly for the funding and no real loss.

"Get the game part right first, then try to sale me on the idea of more paid content."

Pretty much. Finish freaking developing the game. lol

"10 year plan"

They better have a 10 week plan or this one is going to go down like the Titanic. Time will tell. Very few games make it long-term, heck even Destiny 2 really isn't cutting it and that is a hell of a lot more interesting than this.. .heck even Fable Legends was interesting looking.

Atanasrikard21d ago

The beta was purposely barebones. You guys are being willfully ignorant. Educate yourselves for cryin out loud.

MakoD21d ago (Edited 21d ago )


If they had content it would have already been shown.. its about 2 1/2 weeks from release, its called marketing. There are 100s of hours if not not 1000s of hours of gameplay footage on the internet, what you are going to get is a 3 times size world of the beta but basically very little additional content. You are the content.

The equivalent of what this is... is if From Software built the world of Kingdom of Lothric (Darks Souls 3)... took out all the stats, took out all the souls and ability to level up stats and fear of losing souls, took out all the cool enemies, took out all the cool boss battles, took out all the weapons and ability to upgrade them, took out all the spells and customization, took out all the cool items, took out all the cool dungeons and variety of locations.... but they allowed players to be able to go co-op plus invasions in a world that doesn't have content and has nothing to do. That isn't a game... its a 3d artist/s showing his/her portfolio.

Now... this might be something you are interested it... but the concerns for this game are more than valid.

"The beta was purposely barebones."

And their marketing is purposely barebones as well? Doubtful.

Rachel_Alucard21d ago

Microsoft want's every one of their heavy hitters to be a recurring service so this game being one is a given. It also doesn't make sense to hold back the best version of your product till release. keep the map the same but something like animal life and just basic interactions with the world shouldn't be cut this close to release.

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Eonjay21d ago

Yeah I thought it was a game too. Microsoft was serious about GaaS. I think in hindsight we have to admit that they warned us ahead of time.

NailheadGames21d ago

Look at the Top 20 games on twitch right now ALL are GAAS

MakoD21d ago (Edited 21d ago )


So what? Many of these games never make it... Lawbreakers, TitanFall, Project Spark, Fable Legends, Evolve, etc. I mean you have more people watching Alan Wake than people watching Halo 5 and Gears of War 4 combined... but so what. Most of the titles you will find are PC or multi-platform games. So.

The problem is... they want reoccurring revenue but have almost no ability to develop something to where someone is going to invest. Build the freaking game!

thekhurg20d ago


Having popular streamers play specific games doesn't mean much. Also GaaS products are finite. You can't flood the market with them because there isn't room. MS is late to the party by several years. They're way behind this generation in terms of market saturation and they're just trying to do whatever they can to get money out of gamers by any means necessary.

LateNightThirst21d ago

Get your ignorant ass off the internet, there is plenty of information on the web highlighting the numerous content not shown in the Beta, also all of their future content updates are FREEEEEEE, meaning you do not have to pay money to continue your experience, the only micro transactions are for clothes and super facial items

MakoD21d ago (Edited 21d ago )

Show me footage... the game comes out in less than 17 days. Getting mad at me has zero chance of improving this situation.

"web highlighting the numerous content not shown in the Beta"

Show me the marketing video. (oh we'll show you after you buy the game i.e. snakeoil) It really is that simple, show me the video. Suckers born everyday comes to mind. They were going to build a game around Fable Legend and Project Spark, but how did that work out?

17 days from release... show me don't tell me.

Fragnum21d ago


"And I thought they were wanting to sell me a game. Silly me. Producing a world that has no content isn't a service either, its snakeoil to have someone fund your development. Jez."

Then make a choice and don't play the game MakoD.

I'm going to play the game because I've enjoyed the Alpha and Beta and because I'll get the game free on the 20th as part of my Gamepass subscription.

If the game has little content as you suggest then I'm sure I'll get bored and move on to something new, If the game is good and has lots of content I'll keep playing.

If they remove the game from Gamepass at a later time and I'm still playing and enjoying it I'll buy it, it may have even come down in price by then, If I'm no longer enjoying the game I won't buy it.

If you have an issue with the way a developer is developing a game, why not message the developer on Twitter as opposed to party crashing every Xbox related article on N4G with your opinion, I know you'll say that Xbox users do the same on PlayStation articles and I agree with you it does happen, but why not be the bigger man and ignore it?

Like I said theres nothing wrong with you having an opinion and you may even be right about SOT, but myself and others users cannot do anything to change that, taking your passion directly to the developers on Twitter or via Email would allow you to voice your concerns and possibly even make a change for the positive.

I'm not saying your view is right or wrong, I'm just saying that some people might just want to read an article and then discuss it in the comments with other like minded people without it turning into a Them Vs Us argument every time.

Its fine for You to have an opinion, a favourite console (or PC) and its equally fine for other people to have different opinions too.

I like tea, maybe you prefer coffee but I'm not forcing you to drink tea and telling you how terrible it is to drink coffee every day.

I'm interested to hear your thoughts on ways SOT could be improved by the developers and what in your opinion Rare would need to introduce to make it a better game?

MakoD21d ago (Edited 21d ago )

"I'm interested to hear your thoughts on ways SOT could be improved by the developers and what in your opinion Rare would need to introduce to make it a better game? "

Personally, I probably wouldn't be into this kind of game, whether its the implied gameplay(not sure I have seen it) and style. Meaning there is no game here, the combat looks piss poor, the character design is not good, the missions are basically non-existent, the things in the world don't exist, there is no level system or anything else to fall upon. There is nothing to do... what there is to do looks mehh... and isn't really a game at this point. There is all kinds of stuff they could have done... NPC Navies hunting you down, ability to hunt NPC trading vessels, etc. but the problem with that... is the gameplay hasn't been fleshed out at all.

It simply isn't a game at this point.

Nice water, nice skybox, nice weather effects... that is about it... it needs years in the hopper yet... although even after that it probably wouldn't be my thing (I could at least appreciate the game for what it is)... I have to guess because there just isn't any gameplay in which to even judge. (I am not sure what the game really is)

As I stated above... it would be like From Software taking Dark Souls... taking everything out of the world... and then throwing players into the empty world with nothing to do... what would be the point? Hey look... look at those bricks on that castle, they're awesome. (equivalent of people talking about water in this game)

The existence of water doesn't make it a very compelling game... meaning... "wow, that water!" imo But we shall see... maybe it will sell like gang busters.

Fragnum21d ago


Thanks for Your thoughts.

I can certainly see your point of view in that for some players there may be too little to do, I think we'll have to wait and see on that one, as I said I'm paying for Gamepass regardless so if the game turns out to be boring I can walk away from it not having lost anything.

I'm hoping the content is more fleshed out than the Beta too, I'm taking Rare at their word in that the final release will have more content - I think we'll have to wait until the 20th to find out if thats the case or not.

Personally I like the art style, but I've always been a fan of cel shaded graphics since Jet Set Radio on the Dreamcast (yes I am that old) I also loved the Wind Waker and I know peoples opinions are like Marmite when it comes to a cartoon look so I think thats a good example of a subjective opinion - Coffee or Tea.

I get where you are coming from regarding level'ing, but for me it seems all I've played is games where I've had to level up constantly for the past few years. Because of this I'm looking for something a little different with SOT, a game I can chill with and just relax - nothing too intense, something thats not going to make my woman think that I've developed tourettes because I'm yelling at our TV so much.

I think your idea of hunting NPC vessels is a good one, as well as being hunted by navy warships and thats the kind of suggestion that would be good to email or Tweet to Rare, You never know they may even agree and include in the game.

3-4-521d ago (Edited 21d ago )

Service with a game like Sea of Thieves is good.

We get a full $60 game, and they continue to support the world with more added content.

It's content, where you know what you are getting upfront without any lootboxes or gimmicks.

They will expand the world.....the map will expand with more islands, more to do, more to interact with.

A game like this needs to be a service game to reach it's full potential.

Imagine if WoW was just the initial game and nothing else....

Certain games though, I just want as standalone and then have the dev move on to the next game.

Also...we got like 10% of the game in Beta...there is so much more content on the way at launch.

rainslacker21d ago

Not anymore. The game changer is apparently Game pass, which is a service, by which this game is being changed. They'll sell the game to those who would just prefer to buy it and not subscribe to a service.

chuckyj121d ago

@ MarkD
It's an MMO and you don't think they have expansions lined up? You think they will release the base version of the game and say... Yup... This MMO we released is a finished product... That would be like Blizzard releasing WOW... Then not releasing any expansions for it... Of course, they have a plan after initial release to support the game... And for the people buying... They should be happy they have planned to support the game for up to 10 years... That is a long time with lots of new content dropping.

And also it's been stated many times... The beta is barebones... But, the release in March will have tons of added content... These betas have been mainly aimed at stress testing to make sure their servers are ready for launch, and less about giving people everything that will be available for launch... More like letting people get the ship/combat controls down... 1 big thing we already know not included in the beta is the Kraken boss...

I honestly don't think you're very educated on this game judging by your comments.

bluefox75521d ago

WoW was absolutely massive upon release with endless content. If your standard of completion is "getting the controls down", we've fallen a long way since WoW.

chuckyj120d ago


The main point is stress tests... What is offered in the beta is small... The released game come March 20th with be huge...

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