Neocrisis: LBP released early

Neocrisis: Gamer CoOoL_BoY says that he has gotten his copy of LittleBigPlanet more than a week early. He also states it has already been released in Kuwait.

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ThatCanadianGuy3687d ago

Anyone know how much a plane ticket to Kuwait is? :P

Zerodin3687d ago

If it means you'll stay there I'll buy it myself!

habsfan93687d ago

The time it would take to get a plane ticket there, fly there, get some Kuwaiti money, get LBP, fly back here, LBP would be out already lol. But I like your thinking

Zerodin3687d ago

If it means you'll never come back, I'll gladly pay.
Also, the locals love it when you badmouth this guy named Muhammed!


Maybe you should first practice your humor on your fellow Pigs!!!!

ThatCanadianGuy3687d ago

I know,he's seriously not funny at all.His "Jokes" if you can call them that..

Don't even make sense.Just go crawl back to your cave you filthy troll

Expy3687d ago

So.. Kuwait has the same ESRB rating system as North-America?

ReBurn3687d ago

Perhaps it's an import? Either way, someone has their copy now.

nbsmatambo3687d ago

thats good in a way bcuz when i get my copy next week i want [email protected] lvls already made by people =D

FantasyStar3687d ago

I want to go to Kuwait for LBP but I don't want to get bombed. Sorry natives of Kuwait, I really mean no real offense at all. I watch the news too much, and it's getting to me. I'm also American, so that obviously accounts for something. Sorry again.

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The story is too old to be commented.