PlayStation 5 and Xbox Two: How the Next Generation of Consoles Will Move Gaming Forward

The next generation of consoles should be coming around the bend soon. Here’s some educated guesses as to what they'll look like.

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Vasto287d ago

Native 4K / 60 FPS is a must or wait until its possible.

SegaGamer287d ago

If you want your consoles to be priced at $400 next gen, then you should forget about 4K 60fps. We were asked to pay that much for this gens consoles, and they still couldn't manager most games at 1080p 60fps. If 4K 60fps was to happen next gen, then the console will need to cost a lot more money.

Vasto287d ago

I would gladly pay $400-$500 for a Native 4K / 60 FPS console. A PS4 Pro right now is $400 and a Xbox One X is $500.

If that's not what they are going to do then whats the point? You want another gen of the same thing we have now?

SegaGamer287d ago

But that is what i am saying, you won't get a native 4k 60fps console at that price next gen, no chance. If you want 4k 60fps, you'll have to pay a lot more than $400 / $500.

jhoward585287d ago

It's very likely that MS and Sony will have 4k/60 capable gaming machine for next Gen console.So far, MS has given us all some clues as to where gaming is headed in the future. One clue: the deal with Samsung and MS to add VRR to their upcoming TVs is a clear sign that MS is interested in having a 60fps in their games. Anything below 60fps would be pointless to have VRR. Sure VRR would work with a lesser framerate but the gaming experience wouldn't be the same at 60fps. As for 4k, it will become mainstream due to the fact that the cost of 4k tv has gone down a lot. Not to mention people aren't as fussy to pay for premium hardware like they did in the past. Some are willing to pay 1000 dollars for an iPhone so why wouldn't most gamers pay half that amount for a better gaming console. I think somewhere between 400 -450 will be the sweet spot for pricing the next-gen consoles.

SegaGamer286d ago


You're just not getting it. You're right, gamers will be perfectly happy to $400 - $450 for a console, but that isn't what i was saying. I'm saying that if next gens consoles will be 4k 60fps, you will have to pay more than $400 for it. I don't think some of you realise how much power will be needed to run all games at 60fps in 4K, even a lot of high end pc's struggle with it. There is a big difference in hardware requirements when it comes to running games a 4k 30fps and 4k 60fps. Even a lot of high end pc's struggle with it.......and you expect to get a console capable of doing it for $400 - $450 in a couple of years time? you're leaving in a dream world. It won't be happening.

JaguarEvolved286d ago

"Native 4K / 60 FPS is a must or wait until its possible."

You can get have that on pc right now and better performance. To each their own. I never understand people waiting years to get certain things thast are very possible right now especially when it's easily attainable. Some people spent 1000s of dollars on new Xbox ones to get better performance while it would have been a lot cheaper to have a pc that can play all of the same xbox games and at a cheaper price.

Let's see if people make some silly excuses about not wanting a pc because lesser capable consoles are better or that they can't fit a pc in their home because they live in a big rubbish bin so they haven't the space.

ngaydazng7286d ago

We paid $400 and some idiots paid 500.

denawayne286d ago

I already know the disagrees will be heavy on this comment but here it goes:

MS will rely on the "Cloud" technology to help power the next Xbox. It won't be required but to get things like 4k / 60 FPS, better physics, AI, etc, and to keep the cost down on hardware, I can see this happening. I think MS shelved the cloud computing technology (which they were ready to show) for this gen and are waiting for next gen to really push it. I think Next gen will be a whole new ballgame for MS. They got crushed this gen and they're not going to let it happen again. They might not "win" but they won't get annihilated.

_-EDMIX-_286d ago (Edited 286d ago )

@Vasto- "I would gladly pay $400-$500 for a Native 4K / 60 FPS console. A PS4 Pro right now is $400 and a Xbox One X is $500"

Um ok, they are also playing PS4 and XONE games, as to why they can be in 4k 60fps. I don't think many of you REALLY understand how those settings are happening.

The Last Of Us ran 1080p 60fps on PS4.

Keep in mind, if you an understand that is because that is a PS3 game, I don't know why you can't get that you are seeing 4k 60fps because those are BASE PS4 and XONE games.

I'm sorry but I don't want 4k 60fps as some mandatory next gen, if it means just having LAST GEN lookin games. Let the developers decide. This is developer dependent, not hardware.

@Sega AGREED! I don't get why folks can't get that.

Oh so you want native 4k?

SOooooooo they have ZERO clue that is based on game? Ok, sure, here you go, alllll the PS3 looking native 4k games you can get. Is that REALLY what someone wants? The cost of going 4k native, will also force developers to make games less demanding to reach 4k, ie make em last gen looking. I don't know about you, but I'm not buying PS5 to play PS2 looking games just to hit a damn number.

If the developer wants it, sure, let them decide, but that should NOT be a forced requirement.

sinspirit286d ago

But, I don't want to sacrifice graphic fidelity to achieve the resolution. Sub-4K looks great even on the biggest TV's. If shadows, textures, draw distance, and LOD can be bumped up for a sub-4K resolution then I would rather have that.

OmnislashVer36286d ago

4K60 will happen but won't be the standard. To increase graphics and hit 4K60 it'll easily be 2022 or later and Sony won't wait that long.

Unless you're looking for a $600 console.

cd1285d ago

I disagree considering some titles already hit 4K60 running on Jaguar cores and GCN.

Ryzen2 with Navi or a mature Vega will show you the way :)

FinalFantasyFanatic285d ago

Lol, anyone who thinks a base PS5 or Xbox will be native 4k 60fps has their head in the clouds, price and technology hasn't trickled down that quickly yet. Much more realistically, we'll have something between FHD and 4k that's upscaled to 4K, which I'll be very happy with, especially with the increase graphical fidelity.

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sawoosevens286d ago

Yep! the day I have to pay 1000 for a console I'll just build a kickass pc to game on even though I love console gaming.

Firebird360286d ago

I agree. Ps5 will do native 4k @60fps and cost $600 coming 2021

_-EDMIX-_286d ago

I just don't really think most of you really understand

PlayStation 5 is going to play games 4K 60 frame so long as a developer actually specifically want that setting based on the type of game and engine they're making.

So that means PlayStation 5 in general is not going to do that but a game made on PlayStation 5 which actually means it is developer dependent, which actually means you cannot actually State the system will do that as much as you can State a developer will do that on the system.

Is it be like trying to say a video camera is going to make a movie, are you sure it's not the individual that's making the movie itself?


I mean you could stay PlayStation 4 and Xbox One can do 1080p 60 frames but you still have to take into consideration that is dependent on the actual game itself...

That is not going to change ,that is not something that's only exclusive to this generation, that's any gaming generation you're talking about in which those settings are specific to what developers actually want.

FinalFantasyFanatic285d ago


Most people are not technically minded, even those deeply into the hobby of gaming, having a diploma in IT and having build/repaired PCs for a living, I can confidently say that there's a good chance we won't get native 4k 60fps in the next gen of consoles, otherwise they'd have to comprise and drop fidelity. Keeping in mind that some games look fantastic upscaled anyway (Horizon Zero Dawn), I'm expecting something like 1440p native on the base consoles.

ABizzel1285d ago

That would be a horrible decision, and bring about the PS3 generation all over again where it's the more powerful console, but the power difference doesn't negate the cost difference.

These consoles will be 4K @ 60fps capable, but at the end of the day it's up to the developers to decide if that's the target they want to go for, and considering AAA developers are going to prioritize a graphics boost t means that 4K @ 60fps is going to be a secondary decision when it comes to graphics.

It's significantly better for them to continue with Dynamic 4K resolutions, because it gives developers more leeway graphically and with fps, both of which are more important IMO than counting pixels beyond 1800p which is a high enough resolution anyway.

Eidolon286d ago (Edited 286d ago )

Well any game released could have started with a native 4K/60fps goal, but they would all look like as good. It's going to be the same(for framerate), developers will try to push better graphic effects and features over resolution and and framerate.. Though, 4K standard support will definitely be a thing, not 60fps framerate.

ILostMyMind286d ago

You cannot be a normal N4G user. 👏

_-EDMIX-_286d ago

Buddy 100% completely agreed

I'm still not sure why people do not understand that this is developer dependent. I mean if you look at this generation if all developers wanted their games default 1080p 60 frames clearly all of them would have just been using last generation engines like Titanfall did.

It is not even saying it can't happen it's simply saying that a developer doesn't want to.

stefan_771286d ago

That is the logical next step otherwise it's just more of the same

ocelot07286d ago

That is not a must at all. Min 1080p and 60FPS anything else is a bonus.

InTheZoneAC286d ago

wouldn't be hard to do that if they scaled back the graphics...

_-EDMIX-_286d ago

ok, but you do understand that is up to developers right?

Sony and MS can make powerful systems, they can't go around telling developers to make their games 4k 60fps default. Its also saying to make their games less demanding to hit a number and that is up to a developer based on what they are making. If you understand game development, you'll get why that isn't something that is this instant and just based on hardware.

That is developer dependent. Titanfall 1 ran 1080p was also running on source and basically looked like a last gen game (even came out on a last gen system 360). I like that game mind you, simply let that be up to DEVELOPERS to decide that .

rainslacker286d ago

That will always be something determined by the developer. I wouldn't expect it to be the norm come the start of next gen, but there will be more games that hit that target than we have now.

_-EDMIX-_286d ago

Completely agreed

I still don't understand how this website has so many users just completely uneducated on how this works. There are people on here that are seriously under the impression that the game system itself is doing the frame rate ,they're completely disregarding the game ,the engine, the developer and everything else.

So they'll go around asking for Sony or Microsoft to make the system 1080p 60 frames or 4K 60 frames simply because they don't actually know that is something the developer controls.

FinalFantasyFanatic285d ago

I suspect most of the userbase on this site are teenagers or just technologically ignorant. A good majority of people have a shallow interest in how the technology and development involved works, details would bore them.

286d ago
_LarZen_285d ago

That’s not going to happen.

Lennoxb63285d ago

4K/30 fps. Frame rate hasn't been a priority for devs for a long time.

deafdani285d ago

In my experience, frame rates in games have been more stable across the board this gen than last. So, I disagree.

Lennoxb63285d ago


I'm not talking about a stable frame rate, I'm talking about a higher frame rate. 60 fps isn't going to be feasible in any gen because frame rate doesn't sell games. Graphics do.

bluefox755285d ago (Edited 285d ago )

60fps should be a must, don't care as much about 4k. Though judging by the way they're pushing 4k above all else, I think it'll be the opposite, [email protected] The thing everyone fails to consider is, graphics get better as time passes, not just hardware. If we were playing games with the same visuals as today, then 4k/60 would probably be a reality in a few years, but games will look better. Graphics are constantly improving to catch up to the improved hardware power.

On a side note, Ryzen CPUs give me hope about the 60fps thing, the current gen CPUs have been a massive bottleneck, but it looks like Ryzen may be able to help with that.

IamTylerDurden1285d ago

Xbox Two? Didn't Microsoft say that this was their last traditional console generation and coin the phrase "beyond generations"? They were all about that talk while leading up to the XB1 X, but now they appear to have backed off it a little. They did the same with VR as well. It's difficult to trust what they say these days.

Lennoxb63285d ago

No they didn't back off of it. MS have made no statements as to somehow backing off of it and there's no confirmation of the next Xbox's name. They did in fact back off of VR in order to push MR though.

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chrisx287d ago

I think the PS5 will move gaming forward more than the xbone2 would. Sony is the king of single player gaming but the xbone execs see it as a declining genre.

Vasto287d ago (Edited 287d ago )

LOL, if that's what moving forward is then they can have it.

I just subbed to game pass for $9.99 and don't see my self paying $65 for a game for the rest of 2018 if ever again.

Enjoying over 100 games while waiting for Sea Of Thieves on March 20. That's what I call moving gaming forward.

KyRo286d ago (Edited 286d ago )

Until every publisher starts keeping their games for their own services like game pass and before you know it, you have game passes for EA, Activision, 505, Bethesda, Sega, Ubi, Square etc and your paying a wedge of cash every month. It could be a bad thing for gaming in the long run.

It happens in the UK with movie services like Netflix, Now TV, Amazon etc. You want to watch one thing on one service and soemthing else on another you're going to have to pay up more money and there's even different tiers for now TV but is a million times better that the drivel we get from UK Netflix.

snoopgg286d ago

If having a new console with no single player games and hardly any exclusives except old games is moving forward then I will pass.That back asswards

AspiringProGenji286d ago (Edited 286d ago )

You will be paying more than we will in the long run, but you may be too dumb to realize that

_-EDMIX-_286d ago

@Vas- "I just subbed to game pass for $9.99 and don't see my self paying $65 for a game for the rest of 2018 if ever again. "

Ummm ok.

That is your choice though. So you didn't know Red Box or Gamefly existed or? smh this man is excited about a rental service.....

I'd rather get new games vs gaas

bluefox755285d ago

Lol, it's like the same talking points for every Xbox fan

Aenea285d ago

Yup! Netflix style content for consoles! Before you know, like Disney did with Netflix, a publisher removes their games in favour of their own game pass like thing and then we all have to pay for 10 different subs....

Sounds awesome!

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zb1ftw777286d ago

Nintendo is the king of single player gaming*

285d ago
jhoward585287d ago

First and foremost, I predict MS's next box will be at least 12 teraflops. That's 2 teraflops over the predicted PS5 specs. The reason I say this is because MS will not forget how they lost this Gen race. They lost because Sony had the better value over MS original Xbox one. Gamers want power. The more the merrier. Ok, MS will have a few killer apps in place for their next gaming console so will Sony. Scalebond will be a big system seller for MS because MS wants the next big thing besides having multiplayer in their games, which is a full scale 4 player co-op. Something last gen gaming console wasn't fully capable of. I also believe MS will enquire Plaumium studios because one thing I do know companies like to buy out other companies that have potential in becoming successful with the right financial backing. Platinum Studios is one of that comapny.

notachance286d ago

lol what? they lost because they play favourites

I'm in Asia, XBL server here is very laggy, is a barren wasteland, no dedicated local support in my country (while Playstation and Nintendo have one), almost all media features don't work.. it's gotten to the point of choosing the other is simply common sense rather than preference.

Just try coming to countries in asia, see gaming cultures in there, and you'll realise it's laughable to even think that MS has a chance of winning with how they treat gamers here.

KwietStorm286d ago

Microsoft handed PlayStation the whole generation just with their terrible reveal. PlayStation capitalized on that with game after game after game. Had little or nothing to do with value.

OB1Biker286d ago

The reveal was terrible but ultimately, in the mid, long term, its the consoles themselves and how they were conceived that makes a difference. That means the whole offer package hardware and software.
Value is everything

_-EDMIX-_286d ago

Agreed, but MS is in this spot not really because of the reveal, but how they acted after.

They are closing down teams, cancelling games, a HUGE lack of any AAA new IP. Right now, Sony and Nintendo have sold the most new IP, not shocking as MS seems to act as if they are allergic to new series

So lets just say, MS comes out with Horizon, Bloodborne, Days Gone, Ghost, Death Stranding THEN and ONLY THEN can I say "WOW, MS really came out of left field, new IPs for days, all AAA, MS is doing great" etc

They are lacking in new AAA IP so badly, it literally looks like they have given up on actually competing with Sony. You know they lost this gen big time, when Lucky Tales and Sea Of Thieves is in any MS fan's vocabulary.

The Wood286d ago (Edited 286d ago )

They started losing mindshare from last gens fall off and over reliance on 3rd parties. . . This gen, instead of proving people wrong they've done the opposite and compounded many peoples theories that they are they are lazy or inept and growing their own.

When you compare their output last gen you can see a real consistency issue becoming a pattern. Start hard and fast then fall limp. . . . People outside of camp die hard see this and for some, the reveal was the last nail in the coffin. Others stayed with ms in hope they wouldn't make the same mistakes but it seems with all the chest beating and bravado they've performed worst than last gen. Gamers notice this. Ms have a lot of work on their hands to mend mindshare

bluefox755285d ago

MS has had years to salvage this gen by shifting their focus to games, but no, they opted to focus on GaaS and new hardware that nobody asked for.

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StuM286d ago

Microsoft lost this generations console race because of the games, pure and simple.

In fact, their loss was compounded by the fact that I think they had the much superior game selection from the 360 over the PS3, so Sony had a lot more ground to make up.

jhoward585286d ago (Edited 286d ago )

I agree that the PS4 lineup of better games was one of the reasons MS lost last gen race. However, I still think the launch titles for both the PS4/xbox one wasn't enough for gamers to past judgment. Remeber MS had left a good impression with the Xbox 360 so gamers had to wait to see if MS could do it again at the early stage of this gen. Another issue was the Xbox One was priced 100 dollars more than the PS4. That said, Most gamers really didn't care much for the Kinect. It was later removed to bring down the cost of the Xbox one package. another issue is, MS always online for the Xbox one turned a lot of gamers off. As a result, MS was forced to remove the always online feature to get gamers peace of mind. Last but not least, the specification of the PS4 was much higher than MS Xbox one console which was a 100 buck less than the Xbox one. So you see Sony had the better value.

DarkZane286d ago


No Microsoft didn't leave a good expression with the 360, the second half of the 360 lifespan's was almost completely void of exclusives while the PS3 just kept them coming. It's the exact same thing repeating right now. The PS5 is gonna win by an even bigger margin because Sony may have become a little more arrogant, but they still remember the mistake they made with the PS3, so they won't do it again. Plus, people know in advance Sony will bring the games while Microsoft won't.

Of course, the launch lineup for both consoles weren't anything special, but what drove everyone to buy a PS4 is the fact they knew Sony would bring a lot of games and Microsoft wouldn't.

The Wood286d ago (Edited 286d ago )

'Of course, the launch lineup for both consoles weren't anything special, but what drove everyone to buy a PS4 is the fact they knew Sony would bring a lot of games and Microsoft wouldn't.'

Yep. . . Some people were filed under 'fanboy' for predicting or even suggesting ms had an output issue. Now look. . .They can't blame Sony fanboys for this display of ineptitude. . .they did get a high priced high powered slick looking near end gen upgrade in hardware though. Nice tech but ultimately you need to cover more bases than just power if you want to lead the pack. Exclusives still matter as do other factors like price, services and even ethos.

_-EDMIX-_286d ago

"The reason I say this is because MS will not forget how they lost this Gen race."

Um ok.

MS right NOW doesn't care that they are losing.

Sony had The Order in development as far back as 2010, Horizon as far back as 2011...what was MS making that was BRAND NEW in that same time frame?

They didn't care about this gen, BEFORE this gen started enough to start funding lots of AAA new IP, what is telling you anything has even changed? So it takes then a whole gen to realize people like games? When a new IP like Horizon outsells ALL of MS major exclusives, you can't use the past as an excuse.

I don't know about you, but none of us knew what Horizon was during the PS3 gen. Thus people are buying PS4 TODAY for NEW content they never knew about UNTIL this gen.

No excuse buddy, if MS can mess up THIS badly, I don't know where you faith is coming from. That is like saying EA is making a new game, but I KNOW for sure this time bro that they won't have loot boxes in it, because they must have learned. /s

bluefox755285d ago

I wouldn't count on it. They expected the X1X to save them this gen. They though having "more power" was the solution they needed. Clearly it wasn't. MS is a business, I don't see them trying the same failed approach twice.

FinalFantasyFanatic285d ago

This gen and last gen proved that power levels are irrelevant, and we can't really discuss specs since at best we have rumors which probably aren't even true since we're so far from new consoles being announced.

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PhoenixUp287d ago (Edited 287d ago )

Microsoft didn’t even call Xbox 360, their second console, the “Xbox 2” for a reason. Idk why people keep tentatively calling Xbox One’s successor the Xbox Two.

Xbox One’s name at least makes some sense in that Microsoft wanted it to be an all in one entertainment device. What dafuq sense would calling it Xbox Two make?

darthv72287d ago

How about XBox Too (as in it is an XBox as well as something else like most systems are)

Firebird360286d ago

The next xbox will be called xbox 5 to go head to head with ps5.

Mista2018286d ago

But the next Xbox would only be the 3rd console in the Xbox line.

Badcall196286d ago

Mista2018 It would be the 4th Xbox console.

Firebird360286d ago

Xbox, xbox360, xbox one, xbox one x will technically be labeled the 4th console by microsoft. Making the next one xbox 5.

Gahl1k285d ago

Firebird360, where is Xbox One S?!