GameManx Podcast Episode 12 - "International Players" Edition

GameManx writes:

"We begin this weeks podcast while we play Wipeout HD online. Scat finally joins from the UK and gets dizzy. We go on to discuss more Star Wars Force Unleashed, the new Little Big Planet Beta, Halo 3 Title update impressions, Sheng Long / Gouken revealed in Street Fighter 4, Wario Shake for Wii, Mirror's Edge, Uncharted and Tomb Raider, basketball video games, take look back at Gears of War, touch on beta access thats removed from old Quore episodes, going back to GTA IV, Kojima finally speaks on Metal Gear Solid 4 online. As always we talk about what we are playing.".

Cast: Fallback, Spacebarz, Talon, and Scatingo

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