Ten Reasons the PS3 Will Rule This Holiday

"Sony called 2008 the year of the PlayStation 3. Whether or not that's been the truth is up for debate, but there's been there are few people who can argue the PS3 is finally hitting its long awaited stride. Patient PS3 owners are finally getting their money's worth this holiday season. Sony's holiday lineup is packed to the brim with quality exclusives and content that you won't find anywhere else. Add in the numerous multiplatform games on their way for Christmas and the PS3 will have a library well worth investing in, even for the most jaded Sony consumer. Not convinced? No worries, TGR is here to show you the light with ten great reasons the PS3 will come out on top this holiday season. And if you're not a PS3 fan, we've still got your back. For the 360 aficionados in the crowd, check out our Xbox centric list from last week and for the Nintendo fans out there, we've got another one in the oven."

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eric1003688d ago

LBP is creating shock waves all over
wont be surprised if it shatters all sales records in Europe

cain1413688d ago

Just Europe?

Try everywhere

eric1003688d ago (Edited 3688d ago )

based on just europe

However PS3 will outsell x360 by mega margins in Japan too
In USA it will be close .

PS3 will easily outsell x360 in WW sales this year and FALL 2008

try elsewhere?
Europe and Japan were won ages ago. Just like LBP WKS will give PS3 a 1000%-2000% HW boost at launch in Japan

enjoy living in dream world


why disagree???
Can u come up with a counter scenario. People want games and ps3 has plenty this Fall

Sevir043688d ago

and all the multiplats and other exclusives releasing this year

Lanoire3688d ago

Then why does it have the best line up ever?

And would having the best line up ever, not make the console the best ever?

And if this is not the best line up ever, then why does it already have 2 of the highest rated games ever in one year alone?

With 20 more of its triple A still lined up?

Tarasque3688d ago (Edited 3688d ago )

Well i disagree cause you have to much fanboyism for starters and for secondly know way PS3 is gonna tromp the 360 in sales the rest of year it just won't happen sorry. Heck the ps3 has to start selling first in the japan market they have dominated for years. Sure they have sold more than the 360 over there but that isn't saying much and it really isn't. Only thing that keeps PS3 afloat is the UK plain and simple, I am sure sales will pick up a little better over there. But that is it and this my OPINION.

And to the fanboy above give it a rest you sound stupid.

And to Eric100, Stop sending me PM's Like a little kid saying it will outsell the 360. I could really care less who win's won't affect me any. I just told you my opinion, and you are acting like the sony fanboy you are childish and immature.

Beast_Master3688d ago

I am actually glad that I don't have both consoles this holiday, I don't know where I would get the money, I mean I have 10-12 games that are must buys this holiday all for my PS3 all starting with Dead Space. Then it is 2 per week here for a couple of weeks.

Lanoire3688d ago

the fanboys are out in numbers now!

They disagree and whine because they cant see straight.
With all their BS coming out of their mouths, they cant think straight anymore!

Even as they disagreed, MGS4 is one of the highest rated games ever and its PS3 exclusive and released in 2008.

And even as they disagree, LBP is raking in the perfect 10s making it one of the highest rated games ever and PS3 exclusive AND RELEASED in 2008 just like MGS4.

These are FACTS. If this does not make the PS3 line up the best ever, then how come the PS3 has 2 of the highest rated games ever and just in 2008 alone?

Did I hit some fanboy nerve here? Because these are just FACTS. I didnt make this up and I am not the one rating the games!!!!

Crazywhitie3688d ago (Edited 3688d ago )

It Shouldn't be hard for LBP to Top the PS3 Games Sale Chart.. I'd say it will be Number 1 by Years End...

PS3 Top Sale Videogames:

* MotorStorm (3.31 million)
*Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots (3 million, 3.94 million shipped)
*Resistance: Fall of Man (2.5 million)
*Grand Theft Auto IV (1.97 million approximately: 1.4 million in US, 570,000 in UK)[22]
*Gran Turismo 5 Prologue (1.926 million approximately: 1.5 million in Europe,[179] 202,131 in Japan, 224,000 in US; 2.37 million shipped)
* Uncharted: Drake's Fortune (1.2 million)
* Heavenly Sword (1 million)
* Ratchet & Clank Future: Tools of Destruction (1 million)

Beast_Master3688d ago (Edited 3688d ago )

True, don't over look R2, if the multi-player is as addictive as COD4 it could push sales higher than expected.

I think it is still early to tout MGS4 and LBP as trumping the MS lineup. I mean R2 will get 9+ across board. But so will Fable 2, Gears 2 and L4D. And both consoles will have Fallout 3, Farcry 2 and PoP which I think all will have 9+ scores across the board. One or 2 of those titles certainly have the opportunity to fall below the 9 meta score but I think they all will be solid.

zethos563688d ago (Edited 3688d ago )

When you yourself are one.

Anyway, Sony really needs to step it up with their LBP advertising. Sure it'll sell a couple million just from word of mouth alone and all the people who browse sites like this, but the average joe won't have any idea what this game is about and just label it "kiddy". The only LBP ads I've seen (from several months ago) only showed a little bit of gameplay.

Beast_Master3688d ago (Edited 3688d ago )

I have only seen Game Stop ads for LBP so far, but Jack Trenton said at E3 that they would support the title alot. I think we should start to see similar to last years commercals where they are touting all of their exclusives, Socom, MotorStorm and R2 included.

Hopefully they don't rely on nintendo's strategy for last Spring, I don't remember 1 commercial for Mario Kart, Wii Fit or Smash brothers. And all those titles sold like hot cakes. I don't see that being the case for sony this holiday. Batman Blu-Ray may sell more PS3 than people think this year.

acedoh3687d ago

I don't think in the history of consoles have we seen as many potential hit games as this holiday season. That said most of these are multiplatform. The problem for the PS3 is price. That is what will determine the success of the PS3 for the holidays. SONY needs to cut price and if they don't do this by November they will fall behind to the 360...

Beast_Master3687d ago

The console isn't even 2 years old, MS has no games in 09. Sure PS3 will sell less this holiday but this 'war' won't be decided by the end of the year. Remember MS got its butt kicked all year and right now PS3 has out sold the 360 by 400k before Sept. If Microsoft doesn't double its lead this holiday it will be dead. You can compare exclusives for this holiday and they are about even, but I think Batman on blu-ray + a Sony black Friday deal + Sony bravia give away will keep MS from even regaining the 400k they are behind for the year on. Then next holiday PS3 cuts price and with GOW3, MAG etc.. they catch 360 and game is pretty much over then, because MS no longer has the 1st party publishing to keep up.

Saint Sony3687d ago

Everyone is praising LBP, but you guys should remember there are loads of gamers who are not into funny and cute mayhem like LBP is.

Does PS3 manage to offer something to more "serious" gamers this holiday?

Megatron083687d ago

Thats got to be one of the worse list I've ever seen in my life. 1st bioshock been on the 360 for over a year now. 2nd dont even know when home will come out. PSN video store something thats been on the 360 for ages plus they are getting netflix. Bluray movies have always been part of the ps3 and if you really wanted a bluray player why buy a ps3 ? KZ2 a game that wont be out till some time in 09 and mgs4 is old plus it striaght up sucked. Leaving you with only 4 actual games that are coming out to the ps3 this x mas

Bob Dole3687d ago

Bob Dole has a flamethrower.

SlippyMadFrog3687d ago

The Xbox360 has 7 games rated higher than MGS4. (gamerankings)
MGS4 is real good but lets not lose our minds, ok ;)

MONOLITHICIDE3687d ago (Edited 3687d ago )

why is it that everybody calls each other a fanboy or some crap like that, who cares yea im a fanboy for playstation and its gonna kick some awesome assssss this fall and winter and spring and probably summer and following fall and winter in 09. ehat were not allowed to be a fan for a certain system, its like saying i cant be a fan for metallica or motorhead. probably all democrates that get their feelings hurt for everything, typical typical typical, just playing around thought dont cry, awesome line for the comming months though.

himdeel3687d ago this list but absolutely do not like the title of the article. Just something about the word "Rule" that doesn't sit well with me. Otherwise I think it's a well thought out list of exclusive titles and I look forward to getting my hands on the ones I don't currently have (MGS4).

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6-Resistance 2
7-Motorstorm 2
9-Fallout 3
10-Far Cry 2

Sir_Ken_Kutaragi3688d ago

PS3 Will Rule 2009
PS3 Will Rule 2010
PS3 Will Rule 2011
PS3 Will Rule 2012
PS3 Will Rule 2013
PS3 Will Rule 2014...

CliffordM Bleszinski3687d ago

Ten reasons the ps3 wont rule this holiday.

1-10 gears of war 2

nuff said

DARKKNIGHT3687d ago (Edited 3687d ago )

1- PSn is free peer2peer gaming
2- Next gen box office blockbusters only available on bluray.
3- hdd upgrades that do not cost 80 dollars for 20gigs.
4- TRUE next gen uncompressed Audio/video experience.firmware updates
5- It doesnt overheat while playing disc content.
6- it doesnt scratch your bought/rented disc content.
7- lBp
8- warhawk,mgs4, ratchet and clank, uncharted
9- Heavy hitting AAA lineup for 2009. With continued support with exclusive first party titles for years to come.
10- Sony stands for quality. M$ stands for bluescreen of death, RROD, vistaEPICFAIL, zuneMASSIVEfail,HDDVDnextgenFA IL.

if you agree, you know what to do. LEVEL ME UP

Pain3687d ago

We all know how Much u Yankees Luv BLOOD and GORe and Violence on X-mass day...

hmm... Chain saw to a Space Zombie face or Sack boy in a santa suit? hmm what do u think a soccer mom will buy?...

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LightningPS3PS33688d ago (Edited 3688d ago )

Or it's gonna be a bad time. Plain and simple.

It doesn't need to be that way, it could be a great holiday. They have a pretty solid lineup of games and features for everyone.

The only problem is the price.

And I don't want to hear that about PS3 is worth is because it also has a blu ray player. Sales charts have shown that game consoles are purchased by gamers who are looking for games not Blu ray players.

PS3 is back where they started, charging too much extra for a blu ray player who nobody wants. While Microsof XBOX 360 just reaps all the gamers with it's games and value.

Yeah PS3 has a solid lineup but so does XBOX 360. So again, it's just hard to justify the extra PS3 price to a gamer.

After 2 years Sony still haven't learned? That it's not about Blu ray, it's about games.

cain1413688d ago

It's true. Even though it has a bluray player and free online, many consumers may just write it off as too expensive.

Breakfast3688d ago (Edited 3688d ago )

If they drop the price of the ps3, theyll have to raise the price of the ps2, to make up for money lost.


3688d ago
Lanoire3688d ago

Everytime I hear you, its always price this price that.

Get a damn job man. Just 1 month of work can buy you that PS3 you drool over at the window of Wal mart.

Im being serious here. Yes, the price is high. But there is a reason for that.

So take it or leave it. The price will drop when the time is right. Stop your whining.

Either get one now or get one in a year when you can finally afford it.

eric1003688d ago

PS3 will easily beat x360 in WW sales this Fall

LBP will ignite sales like crazy
same goes to Resistance 2 and Motorstorm 2

bunbun7773688d ago

From your remark:

"PS3 is back where they started, charging too much extra for a blu ray player who nobody wants."

Sir, I wanted a Blu-ray player, I love to play video games, and yes...this is important, I love to play video games on Blu-ray- because they hold more data. Is 25-45gigs that important to you? Would you rather have multiple disks, or have to download even more onto your hard drive?

Sorry peeps without money to afford a PS3- but I'm not sorry that it costs as much as it does. These are video games after all- this isnt say, civil liberties or the ability to spend freely, this is getting

what you pay for.

iHEARTboobs3688d ago

"And I don't want to hear that about PS3 is worth is because it also has a blu ray player. Sales charts have shown that game consoles are purchased by gamers who are looking for games not Blu ray players."

Maybe so but it's still an added benefit. Gamers also watch movies so when you're taking a break from playing some next gen games why not watch a movie in HD? Sure not everyone has an HDTV (i don't), but as time goes by more and more people will. Why settle for SD movies when you can play HD movies on your HDTV?

"PS3 is back where they started, charging too much extra for a blu ray player who nobody wants. While Microsof XBOX 360 just reaps all the gamers with it's games and value."

Correction, many people want it. It also can add value to games if devs utilize the whole disk space.

"Yeah PS3 has a solid lineup but so does XBOX 360. So again, it's just hard to justify the extra PS3 price to a gamer. "

If you're a gamer you should be doing some research. A lot of gamers, if not most, now play online. On the PSN it's free, XBL isn't. By not charging, Sony is adding more value to the PS3 right there. PS3 has Blu-ray, that's more value to your gaming console. Sony also has more first party studios which means more exclusives. Again, more value for your PS3. So as a gamer myself, it wasn't hard at all to justify the extra price when i purchased my system.

Omegasyde3688d ago

Get a job already and stop whining.

juuken3688d ago

Lightning, as far as I can tell...$699.99 was expensive as hell last year.
$399.99 sounds reasonable to me. Of course, it would be nice if Sony lowered the price to at least $50.00 but they're selling pretty well.

They're focused on making a profit.

ThatCanadianGuy3688d ago

Oh my god're seriously retarded.
Ever consider that...i dunno..maybe..just MAYBE Sony is making more then enough profit off there 150+ Million PS2's and 30+ Million PSP's
To easily support the 15+Million PS3?

Breakfast3688d ago

The ps3 cant support itself.


meepmoopmeep3688d ago (Edited 3688d ago )

ripping you "suckers" off with Live, rebuying new 360's and proprietary hardware is the only thing supporting the 360.

you honestly think 360 hardware sales are making profit?

Microsoft Game Studios are just barely making a profit since Xbox 1


Breakfast3688d ago (Edited 3688d ago )

Xbox Live.
Xbox 360 contollers.
Xbox 360 games.
Xbox 360 add-ons.

Yep, all components of the 360.
They were made to extract money out of you....are you gonna deny that Sony doesnt do the same? The fact of the matter is, it is all relevant to the console.

Now is the ps2 a component of the ps3?

Its an upgrade.


Tarasque3688d ago

I am glad you keep up with MS and their profits nice to know someone care's.

orakga3688d ago

"Get a damn job man. Just 1 month of work can buy you that PS3 you drool over at the window of Wal mart."

Well, I own two PS3s, but I still think the price is too high TO BEAT THE 360/Wii. (AND I have a decent job) Again, I think the PS3 is reasonably priced for the informed consumer (bought my first PS3 at $1,100, second at $500). But that doesn't mean that it'll kick the 360's ass this holiday. I'm being realistic here.

But going back to the main article... I have to say, listing ten games as if they are ten "reasons" gets really old. The ten titles should have been summed up as one under "solid roadmap" instead. So, to paraphrase, there is ONE GOOD REASON to get a PS3 this holiday; the roadmap.

Crazywhitie3688d ago

this is very True Also is the Backward Game Play.. If All PS3 had this I think they would Sale more Console... Not everyone need a Blu-ray or a Big HD... Pull the Bluray- put a 20gb HD- drop the Wi-Fi(but have Ethernet Port) the PS3 Would Sale for Like $150-$199 Easy

meepmoopmeep3688d ago (Edited 3688d ago )

i thought we were taking about Game Division.

it's also relevant that the 360 didn't turn a profit within the same time. you know, they just started breaking even, i wouldn't say making a profit, because what they're making from their Games division is not much.

you need to think about TIME FRAME when comparing.

much like how the PS3 outsold the 360 within the same time frame
(and with 2 competitors)

i don't keep track of MS profit, that's Bloodmasks work.
he keeps me updated.


Breakfast3688d ago (Edited 3688d ago )

Typical Sony-manboy posturing.

MS, Sony, are in it for the money.
So the ps3 is outselling the doesnt show.

Ill tell you a little something about me mr. meep.

Im not MS/360 fanboy.
Im no Sony hater.
Im a PS3 hater.

I couldnt care less if 360 comes in last, loses all of its money, and burns in the fires of hell.

Just as long as the ps3 goes down with it.
But, dont blame me...n4g made me this way ;)

...and im a Halo fanboy :D


meepmoopmeep3688d ago (Edited 3688d ago )



i'm not a 360 hater.
i hate Microsoft as a company.

and i wasn't a fanboy until N4G
N4G brings out the best in us.


f7897903687d ago

I think its a fair price for what you get.

Also I'm getting very tired of these articles saying one console is going to rule this holiday. How about we just wait and see rather than wasting time arguing about the future.

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ihaten4glol3688d ago

Eh. I really don't care about LBP. But I know the PS3 is gonna sell like hotcakes because of it.

eric1003688d ago

Too many good games on PS3 this FALL

PS3 has the BEST LINEUP for FALL

But was there ever any doubt?

Aquanox3688d ago (Edited 3688d ago )

They really pusehd it to make it 10.

I can't believe they included MGS4... once again.

To "rule" you need to beat your oponents, and from that list, there are many I wouldn't count:

Bioshock: More than 1 year on Xbox 360.
Home: Question here: Is it 100% confirmed that it will hit this year?
Killzone 2: It will NOT come out this year :S
Blu-ray movies: It depends what market you're talking about.
PlayStation Network Video Store: The Xbox 360 already has one, and will become better with Netflix.
Socom: The previews around don't really help hyping this game.
Valkyria Chronicles: I absolutely love the concept of this game. Reviewers so far don't.

So, for gamers (yeah those guys who barely care about blu-ray movies and have finished MGS4 a thousand times) it's all up to Resistance 2 and LittleBigPlanet. Still awesome games, but not quite enough to "rule" over the competition.