Join the Destiny 2 club for just $21

If for some reason you still haven't picked up a copy of Destiny 2, it's only $21 right now

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Elwenil201d ago

That's only $21 more than it's worth.

terminallyCapricious201d ago

Hmmm. . . Im stuck between this, or putting $21 in a paper shredder. Hmmm. . . Real tough choice.

kayoss201d ago

At least you can you the shredded ones to burn to keep you warm. So to me that's not a tough choice.

zeal0us201d ago

As a Destiny 2 player I would say it's not worth it. Save money on something more worth it. Right now there's only two raids, the story and expansion are both short and pvp is a letdown.

kayoss201d ago

You can buy Hell Blade right now on PSN for $21 dollars.

Aither201d ago

Already have Destiny 2, and can honestly say the way Bungie/Activision is screwing over the players especially those who haven't purchased the expansions gamers would be better off spending their money on something else.

Dragonscale201d ago

Its only the entry fee. No thanks.

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The story is too old to be commented.