GRTV: Little Big Planet - The First 7 Minutes

Can not wait to get your hand's on Little Big Planet? For your viewing pleasure, Gamereactor TV brings you the first 7 minutes of Sony's Sackboy game.

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Tarasque3690d ago

Just as boring as i remembered it.....

Lanoire3690d ago

Waaaaaayyyy back when I was still a little kid and 360s, PS3s, PS2s, xboxes, hell even dreamcast, N64s dont even exists.

When we drove to the beach, I would look out in the window. I would stare at the trees and the houses and the rooftops and the windows. I would see objects, weird shaped objects, blocks, traps, pits, and I would imagine myself running through these objects and jumping over these pits, and hanging on ledges to avoid falling down these traps. And I would do it while running forward, jumping from rooftop to rooftop, to treetop to another treetop.

I guess I am not alone. Because maaaaaaanyyyyyy manyyyyyy years later...LittleBigPlanet is a fact.

Shaka2K63690d ago

But then again i wasnt expecting anything less, Media Molecule officially becomes my favorite game dev. next to Insomniac and Guerrila.

Baba19063689d ago

i love his voice. so cool =D.