Why the Water in ‘Sea of Thieves’ Is so Mesmerizing

The swashbuckling simulator 'Sea of Thieves' has the most beautiful water you've ever seen -- and these waves do a lot more than look good.

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PhoenixUp208d ago

I forgot how much of a powerhouse Rare used to be when it came to visuals

NiteX207d ago

Yeah, I remember being blown away by Star Fox Adventures visuals back in the day.

Septic206d ago

The water in this is the best I've seen in a game. Truly amazing

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sinspirit207d ago

Well, unfortunately it's next to no original developers left.

slasaru01206d ago

You bet. twenty years passed. how many guys would love to work so long at the same place

sinspirit206d ago



Rare developers left quickly after its acquisition.
Meaning. It's not the actual Rare group. It's just the legal name left behind after being bought out.

bolimekurac206d ago

how to be a debbie downer by sinspirit, when does your book come out.

obidanshinobi206d ago

What like Gregg Mayles who's been at Rare since 1989 ?

sinspirit206d ago


Because, one example suddenly makes what I said entirely wrong?

Why are you all so big into hyping an unproven game? You're just ruining it for yourselves and others if they get the game and it doesn't turn out the way you think.

Still want to tell me it isn't next to no original developers left?


The opposite of a debbie downer can be equally as annoying in some cases. No, I'm not saying to not be positive about things. But, to throw money, hype, and reputation onto something that hasn't proven itself yet just wastes everyones time. Try being a realist. Wait for it to prove itself. We've had games like this before. Guns of Icarus which blew up and then died quickly, and currently Blackwake. Of course, I want this game to prove me wrong. But, I'm not going to obsess over it and fanboy out just because it doesn't look bad. It doesn't look that great either.

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Tsar4ever01206d ago (Edited 206d ago )

Love the ocean water physic, Now How about that next-generation WAVE RACER! OOpps!! my bust, a spiritual successor since Wave Racer was a Nintendo 64 title. I would also love to see a next-gen 'JET MOTO' racer for Playstation using these kick-ass water physics.

Belinker300206d ago

I think the visual aesthetic is nice but can't touch anything Guerilla Games or Naughty dog can produce these days

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meka2611207d ago

Yea the water in sea of thieves is beautiful.

letsa_go207d ago

But does it have fish AI?

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adonisisfree207d ago

Wave race 64 water is better

subtenko206d ago

the fact that you have to ask I can tell you get too serious on this site...probably downvoted the guy too...

babadivad206d ago (Edited 206d ago )


I didn't down vote him. I was half joking but kinda curious as well.

And lastly, I'm not a fanboy of any system.

I've consistently said that being a fanboy of a corporation is among the stupidest things a person can do.

A corporation is supposed to have to work to get your money. If you aren't willing to vote with your wallet, they will start to become more and more anti-consumer as time goes on.


I did down vote you.

bolimekurac206d ago

i will admit wave race had awesome water back then, sea of thieves water though is a next lever thing, its stunning

Slurms207d ago

For about 2 years MS wouldn't stfu about "the power of the cloud" when they had nothing to show. Now Sea of Thieves is using it in full effect, yet they haven't mentioned it once.

They must recognise that they made the whole concept toxic for PR.

bolimekurac206d ago

its toxic for 2 reasons, other then drivatars and some minor stuff 4 years in still no real use for cloud. when its actually shown to improve games then the masses will accept it. but just screaming how cloud is the big thing and then not using it doesnt help its cause

Slurms206d ago


They need something like... I dunno, maybe a pirate game that featured sophisticated water physics shared across a persistent multiplayer environment, or something wild like that.

bolimekurac206d ago

its great that sea of thieves has it but they need to have many games using cloud and then letting us know about it. i can see the future potentail, its there for sure. games will use local and cloud power next gen

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