Cnet: Sony must drop PS3 pricing for Christmas

Sony's Gaming chief, Kaz Hirai told the Financial Times recently that his company has no plans to drop the Playstation 3's price leading up to the holidays because he believes the company's console provides the greatest value proposition out of any device on the market.

"The answer is yes, if you're asking, 'Are these the prices we're going with this Christmas?'" Hirai told the Financial Times. "When you really compare apples to apples, then I think we have a very good value proposition."

Hirai is obviously referring to the Playstation 3's Blu-ray player in his case for "value proposition," but I think he unfairly ties the price of the PS3 to that single component.

Sure, the Blu-ray player is arguably one of the most expensive parts in the Playstation 3 and you can't argue that it adds value, but the real consideration isn't "value proposition." Instead, Hirai needs to realize that most consumers are deciding on their next console purchase based off a cost-benefit analysis.

Do I get enough out of my Playstation 3 to justify spending that much cash on it? And more importantly, is it worth the additional $100-$150 it'll cost to have a PS3 instead of an Xbox 360.

Sorry, Sony, but I just don't think it is.

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Genesis53688d ago (Edited 3688d ago )

Well that's his opinion. In mine it is worth the extra cash. It all depends on what you're looking for. If you just want to slip in a disk and play a game spend $199. But thats all you'll get. Myself I like the extra added features that come with the PS3 right out of the box.

Pennywise3688d ago

I bought it for $600.00. Worth every penny.

season0073688d ago

What about built-in Wifi?
What about built-in HDD (in various sizes)?
What about FREE online gaming?

100-150 extra cash come with all these features...

You can't argue that it is at a EXTREMELY GOOD value

The only thing you maybe able to talk is GOOD VALUE/GOOD product doesn't always equal GOOD sales...which i hate

SixTwoTwo3688d ago

Sony is still moving systems despite their $499/$399 price tag. They don't need to drop the price. Now if the new NPD's show PS3 sales taking a dip, THEN Sony should probably take a look at cutting their price.

gaminoz3688d ago

While the console is good value overall, I think it needs the price cut to get a bigger instal base and then get greater software sales for it.

I prefer to game on the 360 (even though I have the PS3), but that doesn't mean I don't wish the PS3 well. Good strong competition keeps each other pushing and not stagnating.

ReBurn3688d ago

Cnet is owned by CBS Interactive. I'm not sure why people say that Cnet is owned by Microsoft.

jaysquared3688d ago

I dont think Sony made the PS3 to win the console war they made it to win the format war between HD DVD vs Blu Ray. That was a very wise business decision by Sony.. I mean the Movie industry is 10x bigger than the gaming industry. So the royalties they will get when the mass consumers start buying Blu Ray players are going to be astronomical compared to the money the will get in the gaming industry.

I dont think Sony isn't going to drop their prices this year on the PS3 because HD DVD lost the battle. Last year they were forced to drop the prices of the PS3 because of the laggin sales and the lower prices of HD DVD players.

Lambert3688d ago Show
poopsack3688d ago

thats what my little cousin was screaming when his mom didnt buy him one either.

LastDance3688d ago

no matter which way yoou slice it, the economy is on the brink of a depression and even if its worth it, its still problematic.

lordgodalming3688d ago

The confusion comes from the fact that Cnet and MS were in bed together, so to speak, a few years back with some hefty advertising deals, which raised some eyebrows as conflict-of-interest (software company feeding money so heavily into a company that reviews software, among other things). Same accusations that were aimed at Gamespot (division of Cnet) during the whole Gerstman-gate thing. Oddly, I can't find the website anymore that details the MS/Cnet deals from before. Anyone please feel free to post a link if you can find it.

nieto23688d ago

@Lambert, how can you hate Sony when the X360 it's one of the most unreliable piece of electronic hardware ever made?

the answer is beyond me...

eric1003688d ago


IzKyD13313688d ago

*looks at cnet's about page*

"Read the latest news and unbiased reviews"

yeah right....

PimpDaddy3688d ago

Is owned 100% by Nasim Inc

One of his multiple accounts that troll N4G spreading FUD.

ReBurn3688d ago

Thanks for clearing that up. I appreciate it. Bubbles for you.

Lambert3688d ago

I make 6 figures a year, I could buy my whole family PS3's if I thought it was worth owning.

Xelai3687d ago


Yeah, and Sony has stock of Square Enix and we all know it does fare right now for them.

SL1M DADDY3687d ago

I have never regretted it. It is a great console and those who want it will pay the price. Those not willing to pay the price now will wait for a price drop. The PS3 does not need to drop the price, people will just have to wait for the price to be right for them.

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Nineball21123688d ago

Well, I for one, completely disagree with Don Reisinger of Cnet!

Imagine that... Cnet is all about Xbox. I know it's been said before, but there is a definite slant in coverage over there.

Take this line for example: "It thinks that it's leading in its third-party library, but it's tied (at best) with Microsoft in that category and it's losing miserably in innovative gameplay and online gaming. The only thing Sony has going for it is the Playstation 3's Blu-ray player."

What?? Losing in innovative gameplay?

3 off of the top of my head:
Little Big Planet
Linger in Shadows
Resistance 2 60 player multiplayer maps

The new firmware update adds lots of functionality at a great price: FREE!

Frankly, that article is just a load of fanboyism and it's not grounded in reality, IMO.

DiabloRising3688d ago

His bias OOZES from every word. The "only" thing PS3 has going for it? Please.

shovelbum3687d ago (Edited 3687d ago )

I love the cnet reviews section but I don't think anyone with even half a brain can deny the value of the PS3. The problem is that consumers, in general, are cheap. They want all the features but don't want to pay. I was an HD DVD fan due to the features the movies shipped (and reduced manufacturing costs) which were better than most Blu titles are today. They lost and I adopted Blu because I have high end components and want to watch and hear the best possible versions of the films. I also enjoy having a physical copy to pad my collection. Down the road (way down) downloads will be the norm but like me, many of you still prefer the copy in hand. For that reason alone, the PS3 is worth the extra money not to mention games, wifi, HDD, etc.. I love all three of the new consoles. I play the 360 more, but the PS3 is looking better each day. A price drop would greatly improve sales but it isn't needed and I don't think Sony shareholders are willing since all the PS2 profits have supposedly been eaten up by the PS3 so far.

Nineball21123687d ago

Nice post and I agree with you.

Bubbles for you.

PimpHandStrong3688d ago

Instead, Hirai needs to realize that most consumers are deciding on their next console purchase based off a cost-benefit analysis.

why do ppl feel the need to think they know what ppl want! Sure a $300 PS3 would blow some doors of prior sales numbers but its still a new tech and it has a SH!T load of games and movies coming!

if your thinking cost-benefit then gaming might not be a choice for you. Go buy a cell phone game and stick to free online stuff because gaming is not a cheap hobby

strotee3688d ago

In a perfect world it'd be nice to have the latest technology for $199, but I think everyone knows what corners were cut to get a console at the price. Blu-ray has no legitimate competition (in terms of conveniently offering high def movies), plenty of new games, Xmas sales will be fine (not flying off the shelves like the Wii, but fine nevertheless).

The price cut will likely come spring/summer 2009; same reason you see coupons for restaurants only good on a Tuesday or Wednesday. They want to increase sales during slow days, not during peak hours. A steak house could mark up the prices 20% and there would still be a 15 minute wait for a table on any given Saturday night.