Final Fantasy XV's Hajime Tabata Asks Fans If They'd Like New Endings for the Game [SPOILERS]

Final Fantasy XV Hajime Tabata probes the fans' reactions to the possibility of new endings in the game.

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FallenAngel1984293d ago

That thumbnail just further twists the knife into the original ending

cleft5292d ago

I knew they wanted to change the lame ending. No surprise. I welcome a new ending and all the improvements to make the game suck less.

naruga292d ago (Edited 292d ago )

yes i would welcome a new ending also...SPOILERS SPOILERS .....the death of the main protagonist was absolutely lame wiht no heftiness at all....also the summon of 12 knights was bad made .....let Noctis live along with others and also just fing change its older appearance to mach his anime young and not be like a realistic junkie punk

cogniveritas292d ago

I would like the ability to earn different endings based on performance.
Hmm.. wouldn't mind a new game (+) after the original ending where Noctis is given a chance to prevent the casualties that he and his friends suffer to reach an ultimate new ending.

-Foxtrot291d ago

Exactly what I was going to say

They butchered this game so much and they think making us pay for some new content for character development and story plot holes makes it better. Sorry but it dosen't, just because we get some free updates along the way dosen't make it better.

Fact is we were given an incomplete game story wise, especially character/story development and even features wise (off road car, more clothing, character switching etc).

Luna should have been in your party from the start, its sad when Nyx has more of a connection with her and more development in the relationship during the Final Fantasy 15 film Kingsglaive then she does with Noctis in the main game

Chaosdreams293d ago

New endings... ugh. How about just making a new game at this point. My excitement continues to dwindle the more it becomes apparent they are making things up on the go. The story will always be subpar. The ending is one of the few things that actually felt good.

OmnislashVer36293d ago (Edited 293d ago )

How about we bring back Stella vs Noctis and put a harsher meaning to the dueling kingdom theme? Also, Stella route as well, and the climatic battle between the two? Just need an epic city to do it in- Lucis.

Put a meaning behind Aranea and Ravus with the dueling kingdom theme-. The Empire was not delved into like bad guys from any other FF. I remember running across the Turks a million times in FFVII for example. Show the Empire taking over Lucis and how these characters affect not only the story but Stella.


Then you can have the climatic part where Stella is to be married to Noctis, the summoning, and everything.

Make Arden a behind the scenes character manipulating things. Make him creep into the story more and more.

Shrink the amount of useless space in the open world. Fill it with stuff.

Show how Noctis is affected by everything. Give him a righteous come-back. Show Arden off as even more of a twisted dude with some epic displays of power mid-game out.

Add in the magic menus like FFVIIR/KH3.

Make Armiger into a gauge that is to be used throughout battle, not all in one special move. Make it like it's own magic gauge.

The whole theme of Kingsglaive where everyone is being taken over-the-top keep everything on the edge of your seat like that- the car chase, summons in the city, all of that.

This all gives more drama between characters. Stella will be in the game for more than one damned chapter. Gentiana and Aranea for example and how they influence Stella, as well as them turning on the Empire. Ravus as well.

Introduce Arden at the beginning of the game in a cutscene 5 minutes long or so showing how well he confuses Regis and all of that.(Replacing Kingsglaive.)

Call the game Final Fantasy Versus XV

OmnislashVer36293d ago

Basically mix all the themes from Kingsglaive and XV- the buddy bro thing is fine but less of it.

But mostly this deleted scene lmao.

OmnislashVer36292d ago


Most people say FFXV was subpar and wonder why Nomura's half of the game was deleted. Tabata added stuff that was needed, but had no business removing Nomura's mark for no reason.

pietro1212292d ago

VS. XIII is dead and it's pretty much due to that imcompetent director, Tetsuya Nomura.

OmnislashVer36292d ago (Edited 292d ago )

Pietro FFvXIII would have never worked on PS3, let's be serious it was too weak for an open world and maps big enough to convey the battles they wanted. If you'd look at the original PS3 footage basically every map was a room, and an incredibly small room as well. The game would have been claustrophobic with crappy graphics. There was no way in hell the AI and battle scale could have been on FFXV's level.

And it's not like Nomura did nothing during that time- he released KHBBS, KH3D, helped out on Dissidia, Crisis Core, Type-0, and FFXIII.

Lastly we all know the struggle of the Cell and the Luminous Engine.

If Nomura were incompetent he wouldn't have switched to Unreal Engine and spearheaded KH3 and FFVIIR.

Lastly could you REALLY blame Nomura when the systems have so much in common with Kingdom Hearts? It's not like he hadn't designed how the game would play out, the fact was that the team couldn't achieve that on PS3. Let's be honest, anyone with half a brain knew it would either get cancelled or moved to PS4, including Nomura.

Fact of the matter is adding magic menus and changing the story are not impossible feats on Luminous Engine by a long shot. If any director is incompetent, I'd say it's Tabata for changing the story for no reason all while Nomura's themes STILL would fit the FFXV universe perfectly. Removing that is a sign of headassery on Tabata's part.

No, I don't think FFXV is getting remade, but I don't blame Nomura for XV sucking.

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Michiel1989292d ago

I also liked the ending, prob one of the best parts of the game imo. It was sad but incredibly well done.

-Foxtrot291d ago

It's not really well done when there's no build up to's nice but you dont feel anything because the two characters had hardly any connection inthe main game.

If she was with you at the start of the game and the game focused more on Noctis and Luna instead of the whole "bros on a road trip" theme then they could have given them so many scenes and flashbacks together to show how much these characters care for one another. Least when it comes to her death scene (which in this version would be kept more later in through the game) you would have felt something.

Michiel1989291d ago

im not argueing it is build up to insanely well, I just thought it was well done

TheGamez100293d ago (Edited 293d ago )

Id like a redo to the whole game to what it was like when ffvs13 was shown. If not, please move on to newer ff games...

PhantomS42292d ago

No thanks. The ending this game has is perfectly fine.

ZaWarudo292d ago

We already got a what if ending with episode Ignis. Eh, whatever floats your boat. I thought the ending was fine, i just want Ardin fleashed out more. He had the charisma of a great villain but i feel like there wasn't enough of him.

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