Will the LittleBigPlanet Honeymoon End? Unlikely

Kombo writes:

"Let's be honest, there are games that are really fun and you think that nothing can top them... for a week. After the honeymoon period, you'll pick up on the flaws and quickly get over your crush. Not the case with LittleBigPlanet. Every time I play the beta test, I discover something new and wonderful. Take those "music videos" that people have created by hooking up notes to magnetic switches, they are absolutely brilliant. There are some levels where it must have taken hours on end to create and the end products are worthy of critical praise. What is making LBP such a captivating title isn't what the developers pre-made, it is going to be what the gaming community has created."

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Zerodin3688d ago

Too bad sales won't reflect your optimism.

ToastyMcNibbles3688d ago

trust me once everyone has their hands on this game the last thing they're gonna think about is how well it did in sales

hotshot1273688d ago (Edited 3688d ago )

as long as media molecule profits for making such a great game and they will espicially considering it didnt cost that much to make and at least a million people buy it, im all set. (that many more levels to play)

it'll sell much more then a million of course but you pretty dumb if you let the quantity of games sold determine the quality that the actual game is made of.

sad really...

Pennywise3688d ago

Zerodin, are you looking for most annoying troll award?

kazan3688d ago

A never ending fun experience. thank you MM :)

aiphanes3688d ago

It will because it (LBP) caters to a larger crowd. Gears 2 is strickly hardcore. Everbody and the son or daughter will buy LBP if they have a PS3, and if they were thinking of getting one. Its gonnna sell a lot of PS3 consoles...more so that Gears 2 will sell Xbox 360s...

Resistance 2 is more than capable of fighting against Gears 2.

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