Kombo: TGS 2008: Motorstorm: Pacific Rift Hands-on

Motorstorm will be one of the first titles this generation to have a sequel on the same platform, so Motorstorm: Pacific Rift is a good indicator of how well developers are getting to grips with the PS3. Visually, it seems as if they are becoming quite familiar with the dev kits as the game is very aesthetically pleasing. Where the original Motorstorm looked great, the newer game looks even better.

The dirt effects, especially when flinging out from underneath the vehicle's tires look very realistic. For the most part it ran very smoothly, but the frame rate did drop momentarily a couple of times. The only part of the demo that wasn't so easy on the eye were the new lava effect, which for unknown reasons looks very rough. It definitely stood out against the otherwise shiny effects. It's likely that this part of the game is yet to be refined so Kombo will pass judgment on the overall graphics come release day.

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Tarasque3686d ago

Great can't wait for a quality racing game unlike GTp.