Stop arguing, violent video games do not create violence in our children

Video games create a sense of pride, not aggression.

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Ittoittosai261d ago

Doesnt matter 30+ yrs of study and examination keeps telling them that. The gun lobby needs a scape goat.

ImGumbyDammit261d ago (Edited 261d ago )

Except that is not true. For every study you can show I can show one that contradicts it. There are multiple studies in that the 30+ years you speak of that show an increase in agression, lack of empathy, reduction in self-control, increase frequency for lying and cheating by people when playing heavily violent games. Especially more pronounced in youths that are still developing mentally (up to the age of 25).

And of course then there are studies that show that show there is very little correlation (if any) that violent behavior in youths is already developed elsewhere and games are just a bargaining chip with that already established mentality.

It all depends on how you want to frame an argument and the bias who wish to reach with an argument. Neither side has correctly a proved or disproved a theory that true violent behavior arises by those that have been overexposed to extreme violence in media plays to that behavior.

darthv72261d ago

I have been saying that games and movies and music do not bring about these tendencies in most people but there are those who are more easily susceptible to these kinds of stimulation than others. And it is that minority that gets all the focus as a means to justify the blame game that has been going on with the media for decades.

343_Guilty_Spark261d ago

Nobody in the hood shoots up schools. I wonder why.

spartanlemur261d ago (Edited 261d ago )

You don't assert causation unless there is conclusive evidence in support of it, and hence the default stance is that there is no effect.

To impute to video games those things you say, the experiment would have to compare those randomly (in case aggressive people who lack empathy and self-control simply prefer violent games) assigned violent video games with those assigned non-violent video games (to control for the isolation of gaming itself potentially causing those effects).

Further, the effect would likely have to be proven to be lasting, and not something which comes and goes, like intoxication or frustration. And even if that could be proved, the same case could be made for books which make people aggressive, the implications of which on free speech are unthinkable.

_-EDMIX-_261d ago

Not true? 😂😂😂 28514;

I don't think you fully understand what a lobbyist group is you're talking about an entity that only exists to support the sale of firearms which means they're not going to support anything that risk the sale for their constituents which actually means they will find any scapegoat that keeps the conversation away from Banning specific gun types so they could keep helping these companies make money

I'm sorry but there's no point to debate something like this considering why a lobbyist group exists in the first place.

One of the biggest reasons that Canada the United Kingdom Japan Australia and many more were able to have realistic gun legislation was because they did not also have these type of lobbying groups infiltrating their government.

I mean it would be equivalent to saying with the only country that doesn't have the cure to cancer yet also disregard that Pfizer in a bunch of pharmaceutical companies are paying our government officials to never investigate or support a cure so they can keep making money on the medicine.

It shouldn't be this hard to understand that greedy companies exist seriously this is not some brand-new idea.

T2X260d ago (Edited 260d ago )

It may not be fashionable to say this nowadays but, The shooters in just about every case seem to all be retarded in some way. So, I don't buy the argument that they were made to be violent by games or music or movies etc. Normal kids don't act like that.

DarXyde260d ago

I've read some of the literature. It's pretty much exclusively bad research, whether the methodology was questionable, the sample size was a joke, they ignored control groups, they used the wrong statistics, etc., etc. etc.

The truth is the research is more or less exclusively people with a stake in the debate. Here's the thing though: gaming does produce some effect on the brain (both good and bad, I would say). As far as motivating violent behavior, I believe that would only be a problem if someone has extraordinarily low resiliency with extraordinarily high empathy--even then, age is another factor. People tend to act out their traumas (for instance, if a child is sexually abused, they tend to act out what happened to them on other objects or people). Trauma can also stunt development. We don't see many people acting out traumatic events in gaming, probably because they weren't exposed to anything that traumatic while playing. To me, that suggests one of two things: kids are not playing games that can traumatize them or people altogether are able to accurately distinguish video games from themselves. Possibly both. They realize that they have the power to stop the experience if they become flooded. That's not something you can do with something that is legitimately traumatizing or mind-altering for that matter. Though I can say nothing definitive, I highly doubt gaming is corrosive. But I will say that I believe loot boxes may actually trigger gambling behavior in some people. And I do find that quite a few gamers I know who play very action-intensive games have shorter attention spans. I can't prove any correlation obviously. I haven't done any research, but speculatively, it's interesting (anecdotally) that games where you're watching your surroundings, HUD, and attending to your real-world environment might make you hyper vigilant where focusing on any one thing is difficult.

Also, as VR technology improves, I would be very curious to see what kind of effect a game like Resident Evil 7 or Outlast might have on a child. Of course, that's an overt ethical violation, but then I think you could make some kind of definitive statement.

DONTB260d ago

I would like to see at least on of these "contradicting" studies.

Like someone already said, if there is no proof of causation, then the study should say "There is no evidence that video games cause violent behavior." At that point, it becomes more evident that video games don't cause violence.

Researchers (smart ones at least) will not try and disprove the "theory" which is really only a hypothesis at this point, they will try and prove it. How would they disprove it if it hasn't been proven yet?

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Mutant-Spud261d ago

Because schools in the "hood" are so plagued with violence anyway that kids are searched, put through metal detectors and heavily policed by staff and security?

kalimoro260d ago

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Doughhead260d ago (Edited 260d ago )

Been playing video games for 46 years. I've never gotten the urge to go out and cause harm after playing any. It is a break down of values being taught in the home.

Belinker300258d ago

46 yrs? Tell me all about Galaga grandad

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chrisx261d ago

if it did alot of us on N4G would be seasoned real life killers by now.

Relientk77261d ago

You should see all the people I just killed like an hour ago...

... playing Dishonored: Death of the Outsider

bloop261d ago

I think out of all the violent games out there, GTA would probably be the worst, considering the play area of GTA mimics everyday life. There's been 80,000,000 copies of GTA V sold, yet we haven't had 80,000,000 cases of people losing their shit and mowing down people in cars or with guns for no reason at all since that game released. Crazy people will be crazy people.

Mutant-Spud260d ago

I've got legit mental problems and games don't make me feel one way or another, they're just a way of distracting myself so I can sit still and concentrate for a while, they're really good for improving concentration actually.

Army_of_Darkness261d ago

N4M news 4 murderers. Make it happen ;)

TheSplooge261d ago

I kill hookers to get my money back. Thanks Grand Theft Auto! 😁

Xenophon_York261d ago

Hunting and animal abuse is more conducive to violent social tendencies than video games.

DialgaMarine260d ago

Disagree on hunting. You’d be surprised how many people in the continental do hunting as a sport/ survival needs, and they’re never gonna be the ones you hear about shooting up places or intentionally hurting people.

InKnight7s261d ago

Tell that to me and my friends how we dare not just kill zombies we even kill survivers in Dead Rising.

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