Kombo: TGS 2008: Gran Turismo 5 Hands-on

The TGS 2008 demo of Gran Turismo 5 was highly sought after, as there was a choice between steering wheels or controllers. The demo had quite a few options, which is always good to see and I sampled both the Suzuka and London circuits.

First things first, the game looks beautiful, all in HD. The car modeling is superb and the courses look crisp. Everything runs very smoothly and the sound design is also high quality. On the London track I was forced into using the F2007 racing car. Racing against a mini and a rally car (among others) meant that it was really easy to win the race. Braking and acceleration felt natural, but handling has perhaps been made easier since the last installment. The course had a racing line illuminated round the track, which was probably for the demo only. That was the only thing that took away some of the immersion and didn't sit well with the rest of the presentation of the game.

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davekelly3687d ago

has this person played prologue at all. seems like this is all new to him!

sinncross3687d ago

Just about to say that, especially the racing line thing.. you can turn it off.. its in prologue for goodness sake.

INehalemEXI3687d ago (Edited 3687d ago )

Thats what i was thinking. Everything he said can be tweaked in the options including what button for brake/Gas.

juuken3687d ago

Oh dear God, hurry up with GT5!
I was blown away by Prologue demo when I played it. o-o
Waiting for the full version.

Erich Rhoemer3687d ago

totally agree, cant wait to finally drive some porsches in 1080p :)

ToastyMcNibbles3687d ago

^^^ i want ps3 syphon filter!!

Erich Rhoemer3687d ago

i heard a while ago that there might be one in the making, possibly 2009. have a bubble for your appreciation of a classic series :)

ToastyMcNibbles3687d ago

thank you my good man hopefully more info will be revealed on it and have a bubble for bringing me back to the good ol syphon filter days on ps1 ohh the memories

gamersday083687d ago

simulation racing game ever made. It says it all.

You simply cannot tell between CG and reality at times because the gfx, lighting, camera angles, etc. are so well down.

No other racing game could touch the gfx and overall finesse of this game. Every aspect of this game screams quality. It's the 'Radiant Silvergun' of PS3.

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