Could Chrono Trigger’s Surprise Steam Debut Mean a Series Revival?

With the sudden, shocking debut of Chrono Trigger on Steam, rumors are abound what this may mean for the series moving forward. Could it potentially lead to more titles down the track, such as Chrono Cross and beyond?

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FallenAngel1984293d ago

Well the entire dream team that made Trigger wouldn’t be present nor would the Cross team since they went to become Monolith Soft, so it’d be an entirely different Chrono game

aarallen1292d ago

The entire team doesn't need to come back. Square could hand a Chrono sequel over to the dev that did Bravely Default and Project Octopath.

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PhoenixUp293d ago (Edited 293d ago )

After seeing how Square Enix set up Tokyo RPG Factory as a development team that’s been chasing the ghost of Chrono with each of their titles, it should be pretty clear they wouldn’t make another follow up to Chrono Trigger.

And for good reason too. After seeing how I Am Setsuna and Lost Sphear are nice titles, they’re not extraordinary titles and they fall extremely far behind the Chrono franchise. So any attempt to make another Chrono game would get heavily ostracized. The best way to curb that is to make spiritual successors that don’t carry that much pressure behind them because they’re still new IPs.

Even Chrono Cross, as much of a masterpiece of a title as it is, is a very contentious title for some fans of Chrono Trigger. There are a lot of people who loved the mood of the game, the huge cast of characters, and the fact the plot seemed to delight in tying rather darkly into its predecessor. Needless to say, the other half of the Chrono fandom hates it for those exact reasons. Most of the fandom agrees that it's a good game in its own right, but the dispute as to whether it's a good sequel to Chrono Trigger is pure flame bait.

If a title as great as Chrono Cross is, which has a 94 on Metacritic, can prove to be heavily divisive then you know a third Chrono game would prove to be even moreso. Hell Square Enix’s recent Secret of Mana remake allegedly doesn’t even surpass the original, so you should already know that a possible Chrono Break would have a tough time at living up to its legacy.

Vanfernal292d ago

A cheap cash in by porting a mobile game a series revival? Pffft please.

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