No-one Took the Torch from EA in Developing Decent Rugby Games

It's obvious that the last decade of rugby games were rushed, low-budget affairs. Such fan-exploitative tactics do nothing to help the sport itself nor their respective games' chances of becoming an annual/biennal hit.

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PrimeVinister286d ago

Jonah Lomu Rugby has not been topped yet, even by the EA ones you are so find of.

mark_parch285d ago

such a shame, I love rugby but the games are garbage apart from Jonah lomu which was alright back in the day

TheColbertinator285d ago

Ea games never lit the torch in the first place

PrimeVinister284d ago

That is correct, they didn't...

But they did take the torch from Lomu.

06/08 were both really good games but I would say that Lomu was a bigger deal and a better game for its time.