Tom Clancy's The Division Is Having a Surprise Global Event This Weekend

If you have been wanting to know when the next global event will take place in Tom Clancy's The Division then you are in luck. In a post on Twitter the game revealed that the next one is going to take place this upcoming weekend. Though the time of the event and the details around the theme and rewards will be revealed in the State of the Game stream this Thursday, 1st March. Player can start getting their characters ready for another event.

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frostlatch291d ago

So glad the game is being supported this way.

zerocarnage291d ago (Edited 291d ago )

Ubisoft have done wonders with the game it's good they didn't do a Destiny and state the game was a ten year plan only to move onto the second game a quarter way through that ten year plan, glad to see Ubisoft are still putting content and events into the game..

And that is why if anyone was to have the star wars licence, I'd prefer Ubisoft because out of ea, activision and Ubisoft, Ubisoft have showed way more commitment to gamers and the games they bring out. Plus no loot boxes and the only micros in Ubisoft games are cosmetics which is fair enough..

Parasyte291d ago

Gonna need to hop back on then. Took a break after the last event.