Can Metal Gear Survive Konami?

On this week's episode of The Trophy Room, hosts Joseph, and Kyle give their thoughts about EA and Ubisoft's recent announcements of both Burnout Paradise and Farcry 3. Whether Burnout is the first step of seeing other EA titles to get a HD touch up. Is this a show of good faith for gamers? Metal Gear Survive's troubling launch, and is Konami unredeemable? Is Death Stranding a PS4 or PS5 game? Lastly, what is Naughty Dog's next game after The Last of Us Part 2?

What are we playing? 00:00 - 12:14
Burnout/Farcry Remasters: 12:15 - 24:55
Metal Gear Survive: 24:55 - 35:54
Death Stranding a PS5 game? 35:55 - 39:35
Are you Excited for Shenmue 3?: 39:36 - 42:34
Naughtydog: 42:35 - 45:58
Viewermail 46:00 - fin.

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PhoenixUp262d ago

Metal Gear will get more egregious with microtransactions and pachinkos going forward.

Idk because the the series already had a grand finale a decade ago, had a couple more games and had a second grand finale. Now that the plot is all wrapped up and every game is readily available on my PS3 & PS4 except Portable Ops, there’s nothing left to look forward to.

NecrumOddBoy262d ago

Pay 100000SV to find out! 🤣

Cobra951261d ago

Nah. It's dead. Bury it, and move on.

Dlaw76261d ago

If I was konami I would join Microsoft and Da One X exclusively because they always gonna hold the Kojima thing over your head

Hungryalpaca261d ago

So have the series get even worse?

Dlaw76261d ago

Konami as a whole should join Microsoft

Elda261d ago

Metal Gear left with Kojima.

chris235261d ago

konami is doing fine with its business model that‘s targeted at indifferent casuals.

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