Gaming’s Complicated, Troublesome Relationship with the Giant Publishers That Demand Our Money

PSLS: "Art can be many things, ranging from kitschy pop art to the abstract to the mass-consumed fare like superhero films and first-person shooter games. Art can play an integral role in our daily lives in many forms, but regardless of the format or popularity, one thing is omnipresent and that is the money involved. Money is involved on every level, be it in exchanging currency for a glimpse or being a creator striving to make ends meet. Just like everything else in our lives, art is tied to the beast of commerce, which can become almost oppressive as an influence on all of the art that we consume. Our relationship with art and those that sell it to us can be incredibly complicated, if not exploitative and depressing. In many ways, it’s much like a relationship between a drug dealer and an addict."

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