No One Wants Your Used Metal Gear Solid 4 In Japan

Tsutaya Shinjuku is having a fire sale on used copies of Metal Gear Solid 4 where you can buy a pre-owned copy for a mere 2,480 yen. Even with the economic downturn that's still only $24.50. A brand new copy at the same store goes for 6,980 yen ($69), a break from Konami's suggested retail price of 8,800 yen ($88). Oh, and if you're planning to sell your copy of Metal Gear Solid 4 don't bother in Shinjuku.

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CloudsEnd3688d ago

A used copy of MGS4 wont allow u to make a new character on MGO.
Its like buying a preowned Final Fantasy 11.

Pennywise3688d ago

Hmm I never thought about that - Good call.

Deviant3688d ago

cannot believe such BS gets approved

strotee3688d ago

Quick, someone run to your local pawn shop and snap a picture of the used games section. We'll find at least one game (for PS3, Wii, 360) in there that was released this year and post it on N4G and pretend it's actual "news" that moves the website forward.

Shame on you:


CViper3688d ago

Here is what they want people to think, or read:


When did MGS4 come out again? Oh yeah, a while ago. This whole riding the 360's non million unit performance news wave is getting completely annoying on this site. Not because its 360 news, no. Because it fails itself when you compare it to the ps3's #'s int he region for being more expensive w/less rpgs. MS and bloodmask are excited about maybe selling 1 million units in japan after 3 years.

N4g has seen the fall of most fanboys due to Sonys performance, and some people even claim N4g is FULL of sony fanboys now, anyone remember when it was completely the other way around? Bladestar/Themart/Snuka/Bloody sinner/Jenzo/FirstKnight/Icewak e/ forgetting a bunch, but all of them were completely fantards walking around with a mysterious solid 6+bubbles that never went down, while every sony article was overrun by "Flop, Delaystation, No sales, No AAA"

I love seeing horsecrap news stories like this, because when you look at it, there really is nothing else to try to disparage sony with, that pretty much ended last year.

Now we are just dealing with the last few crumbs of the 1 year head start celebrators. And getting this site back in shape for all dual console owners.

People need to stop trying to smear other consoles with clear useless articles/blogs. Its just sad at this point. Stuff like the user score of LBP on MC being 8 is also another sign of the retards at work again. Smells like desperation to me.

someone, a bigger someone, needs to call a truce for fanboys worldwide. Its time to let reality shine in.

TresTrendu3688d ago

Are you kidding it isn't even worth that much....

Marceles3688d ago

lol...thats quite a dream

bunbun7773688d ago

Good, because I don't want to sell my copy of MGS4 in Japan or anywhere else.

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