Gamepro Hands on: PS3's firmware 2.5 update

The PlayStation 3 will get a host of new features and improvements later this month with the new firmware 2.5 update. The new PlayStation 3 firmware adds the ability to take in-game screenshots, a notable new feature that will need to be enabled by developers. Still, Sony representatives seemed optimistic that the new screenshot functionality would be enabled by some developers via game updates and that many future games would take advantage of the screenshot function.

The physical method for taking screenshots -- what button or buttons to press -- is still up in the air, but those details should become more clear later this month when the firmware launches. We do know that captured screenshots will be automatically dumped in the PS3's Photo folder.

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Violater3687d ago

How can it be a "Hands On" if they have nor received the update?
And its laughable that the story is being approved.

vitz33687d ago (Edited 3687d ago )

It's gamepro. LOL. Same ranks as Kotaku, Edge, Gamespot, GameDaily, and Fox. All are so full of sh*t and aren't worth the click.

Anyone remember the LBP beta keys debacle?

These sites should be banned from N4G.

@ Violater. I never disagreed. I agree'd and bub'd as a matter of fact.

Omegasyde3687d ago

Why did Violater get disagrees?

He's right, Gamepro hasn't touched the debug kit or the firmware.
This is the original title at Wow talk about misleading info to get hits. Shame on gamepro.

IzKyD13313687d ago

agreed, they're just rehashing what Sony said on it's blog

bunbun7773687d ago

but i do not understand why they are mentioned trophy updates that seem to already be existent. Is it more detailed, because the description seemed to match what is already happening.

chaosatom3686d ago

Sequential Playback will daisy-chain your videos together that will, for example, allow you to watch an entire season of shows uninterrupted.""

DailyAddict3687d ago

Would love to see more devs using the screen capture tool. Using it in Wipeout is pretty cool, especially since u can grab the shots from replays and tweak them.

fadeawayjae3687d ago

then u can go to camera on the xmb and a new icon from screen shots u click on that and it will take a screengrab from whatever is paused. that is how they should implement it imagine mgs4 it already pauses when u press the ps button.

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The story is too old to be commented.