Far Cry 2 Intro Cut Scene Looks Mighty Boring

GameXtract writes "Far Cry 2 is just around the corner, and I have to admit I'm pretty stoked to pick it up this October 21st. I'll be picking it up on the PC as I have a monster rig that can actually handle the game. The game will also be available on the 360, and the PS3, and so far it has been receiving high ratings from various magazines, and websites. An amateur video recorder managed to capture the introduction cut scene, of the game, and while the audio is complete crap, the video footage is decent, and definitely watchable. I went ahead, and watched the video in the fear of being attacked by spoilers, but thankfully nothing is revealed or at least it cant be heard through the audio. Unless you don't want to spoil the first three minutes of the opening of the game which I have to admit could the most boring section of the entire title when comparing it to other action filled videos we have seen. Don't get me wrong, this game looks great, but by watching the following video it looks like the intro could get a little stale. Catch the intro after the jump."

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media733686d ago (Edited 3686d ago )

Your a complete tit, it looks amazing, you need a good intro (long) to get you into the game and the mindset of Africa, gamer? your not a gamer just an attention w*****. | Film & video Production Leeds

battery3686d ago (Edited 3685d ago )

it takes about two minutes before stuff starts blowing up! How is that stale exactly.

bada1bing3685d ago

its's in the game engine