The Switch Might Be Sittin’ Pretty Now, But the Next PlayStation and Xbox Are Serious Threats

The Nintendo Switch has surpassed all expectations. Outselling the Wii U in less than a year, amassing an impressive games catalog, and for once the hardware is truly versatile and a joy to use! The hype and love for the machine is through the roof. However, it doesn’t mean that the Switch is without its flaws. Flaws that could come back to haunt it later on.

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Neonridr290d ago

yeah, sort of how the video game cycle works. In a couple of years we will see the PS5 and the Xbox whatever and then a few years after that we will see a Switch successor (if not earlier).

wonderfulmonkeyman290d ago (Edited 290d ago )

That's what competition IS.*rolls eyes*
I don't understand the point of this article even being written, if saying "Nintendo shouldn't dismiss competition just because they're winning right now" is all it's getting at.


Any opportunity to throw salt at the Switch's success lol.

kalimoro288d ago (Edited 288d ago )

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chadwarden289d ago

What is nintendo winning right now? Not much.

quent289d ago

15 million install base in less then a year and the best fastest selling console in US history, not much I guess,

remember being deliberately ignorant or genuinely uninformed will still make you look like a fool by you're own account

badz149289d ago

they are certainly not winning over Sony. that's for sure.

doos_vd_kak288d ago (Edited 288d ago )

Besides the fact it was the fastest selling console in history of gaming in the US for it's first year, zelda BTW sweeping up GOTY awards left right and centre and eventually winning overall convincingly, whilst having a ridiculously high attach rate, etc. The list goes on.

@Quent, all these disagrees, yet the fact remains the switch continues to break sales records in Japan, US, etc. Lmao the denial is so real. Im sorry, is that considered a small feat now?

wonderfulmonkeyman288d ago

Neither you nor Badz have been paying attention, then, if you really think they haven't been hitting it out of the park with Switch.

chadwarden288d ago (Edited 288d ago )

Funny how people call the switch a console in instances it benefits their view and then call it a handheld in other instances. "Oh it's the fastest selling "console" in the US but don't call its hardware weak because it's just a handheld." It's a "console" when it beats the HD twins but it's just a "handheld" when the HD twins beat it in whatever regard.

_-EDMIX-_284d ago

Lol YES!


You're talking about an install base of Gamers that on this very sight for months deny the possibility of this system being a portable that could play on the television, only for it to be announced that it's a portable that could play on the television now they're in this strange denial ,so you'll have some of them say crap like they love to switch because " it's portable and PlayStation 4 and Xbox One are not" and then you'll have another half of them literally denying its portability even with the damn device being named based on the portability 😂😂😂

It might be one of the saddest things I've ever seen in gaming in a very very long time. I sincerely believe that many of them were in disbelief that Nintendo really was going to exit the Home console market and now they're trying to hold on to this idiotic notion that it's not portable even with it being for an undeniable fact a portable device.

So I think a lot of them don't want to hear that it's a portable because it sounds inferior.

So when I'm looking at somebody on a train playing this device it's kind of difficult to say it's not a portable it literally is one of the most idiotic things I've ever seen in this Gaming Community in likely one of the saddest.

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Moonman289d ago

The next PlayStation anything is always competition. But didn't "the next Xbox" just come out and Switch whooped it's butt last holiday? lol

WilliamSheridan289d ago

Well in that case, the next PlayStation already came out and isn't fairing well either. The new Xbox is outselling it by a significant margin.

gamingunited289d ago (Edited 289d ago )

What is your basis for that?

I assume you mean because Microsoft claimed they had the best selling premium console (in North America) over the holidays.

So lets use math to see if your claim has merit.

Microsoft has said the best selling Xbox is still the S so if 49% of those were X's January's total would be approximately 250,000 X's. Now if only 20% of PS4's were Pro's that would still be approximately 320,000.

That is how much PS4 outsells Xbox, even if X sells 30-40% more units of Xbox than Pro sells of PS4 the Pro will still outsell it due to the volume of consoles PS4 sells compared to Xbox.

mcstorm288d ago

I get what your saying gamingunited but your also missing the point. Yes the ps4 and pro are outselling the xbox one and X but the X is selling more than the pro at the moment in time. That said there are big differences between the xbox one and the xbox x where the difference for the pro and ps4 are not that massive and people are opting for the lower cost console of the two.

Anyway all 3 are up yoy so if your a xbox, Sony or Nintendo fan or even just a gamer and don't care about who sells the most it's good for gaming when all 3 are doing better than the year before.

gamingunited288d ago


Clearly you don't get what I am saying.

PS4 Pro has sold more consoles than X since X's launch globally. The mathematical example I used was January's sales figures.

X is not selling more than Pro in any way.

And my reply was to a person who said that the X was outselling Pro by a wide margin which I proved was incorrect.

Godmars290289d ago

Funny/sad thing is that Sony already had the "Switch" in the PSP, the PSV, and pretty much let it rot on the vine. made (them) an auxiliary system to the PS2/PS3 rather than their own thing.

don't even get me started on the PSTV which hardly had any TV/media support. Was just a PSV without a screen.

_-EDMIX-_289d ago (Edited 289d ago )

I don't think anything is sad about that that is just the reality of how it is they tried and they were unable to ,Nintendo just performs better in that market and you would have to consider 80 million with the PSP is still very successful for any company going against a giant like Nintendo and regards to portable gaming.

I truly don't believe that the Nintendo switch is getting it sales simply because it can connect to a TV and also be on the go I believe a large part of it is because it's also a Nintendo platform.

If the functionality was the sole reason behind the sales technically speaking the PSP should have saw a huge spike in sales when it had the feature to play on the television, so I don't really believe it's that Sony didn't do anything simply that Nintendo is going to be a better company in that department than Sony is going to be in to be honest that's okay.

It happens.

If Sony comes out with the next PSP in simply just offers the same functionality you saw from the previous PSP to out to the television I really really really don't believe it would get the same sales you're seeing from the Nintendo switch.

Lol I like the PS TV

Godmars290289d ago (Edited 289d ago )

What it needed was the 3rd party support and creative freedom the PS1 received.

Between the move to HD and the rise of mobile gaming that just wasn't going to happen.

And there's nothing wrong with the PSTV. Aside from lack of support for games AND media. Should have been Apple TV before Apple TV was thought up.

_-EDMIX-_289d ago

I don't actually think that was ever going to matter I literally believe PlayStation Vita just could not compete in a market so competitive against Nintendo 3DS.

I actually don't believe the Sony making more first-party games for Vita was going to change the outcome they just could not run in the same Market as 3DS.

I mean I want you to consider the Wii U had lots of strong first party support in the system still failed not because it lacked first-party games but simply because the market for Nintendo products was more so focused on portable.

Well the market for PlayStation games is more so focused on the Home console Market.

So I actually really don't believe there's anything so he could have done to make PlayStation Vita move like 80 million units it was just never going to happen, when you start talkin about a complete Market shift you need to understand that also means it's out of the hands of the company to alter something like that it is literally seeing the individuals that by this type of content to not wish to purchase or play their games this way any longer which means there's nothing you can do to convince them otherwise they've already moved on.

I mean do you really believe there's something Nintendo could do to convince the 100 million to buy Wii U?

Trust me it's not that you have a hundred million that don't like Nintendo games they likely just do not care for the method of playing at that way. The way you had an absolutely strongfirst party lineup from breath of the wild to Mario Kart the Smash Brothers to Mario to Pikmin.

A market shift is actually one of the few things that a company cannot really fight against they actually simply need to adapt to the market not to try to manipulate or fight against it.

Nintendo did not fight the people did not want the game on dedicated home consoles like they did Generations prior they simply released a portable that could connect to the TV.

Sony did not fight that the market is Shifting this simply adapted to the Home console market and put all the developers on Home console.

You cannot force third parties to produce content and consider the PlayStation Vita is still getting support by 3rd party.

It happens.

wonderfulmonkeyman288d ago

Not really, since being capablen of playing all of its games regardless of mode was not something that the limited connections between Sony's big consoles and portables were able to boast of.

Far as I'm aware, a lot of the stuff the PSV can play from the PS4 or PS3, has to be streamed, which isn't anywhere near as convenient as just natively being able to pop in a PS4/PS3 game and play it anywhere you want without relying on unreliable internet connections.

The reason they let it "rot on the vine", is because it was never a key feature in the design of either system type.
The line between home and handheld was very distinctly drawn in Sony's case.

With the Switch, it's blurred quite a bit more, since it's a hybrid designed for both right from the outset, and not merely one or the other. [like some supposed "fans" still try to claim, in order to mitigate or dismiss its sales successes, during comparisons to competition]

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bolimekurac289d ago

no, a mid gen upgrade came out. big difference.

jcole97288d ago

The xbox one x is not “the next xbox”. It is still in the xbox one family just like the ps4 pro is to ps4. Why is that so hard to understand?

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goatking289d ago

xbox isn't a threat to anything lol

yellowgerbil289d ago

how is he a troll. It's an undeniable fact that there is 0 reason to own a xbox. Every game you can get elsewhere.

bolimekurac287d ago

dude i know we all like exclusives but in reality your getting 2 top aaa exclusives a year if your lucky. i didnt buy a xbox or playstation just for 2 games a year, i bought them for all the games combines and by owning both i can play the few exclusives for both systems. out of all the exclusives sony brought last year 2 where top tier, the rest are niche, same for ms

we420289d ago (Edited 289d ago )

Microsoft could very well turn things around next gen, like Nintendo did with the Wii U to Switch and Sony with the launch of PS3 to late PS3 and the PS4. Just because a company fails one gen doesn't mean they're doomed forever.

_-EDMIX-_289d ago

To be honest I think that Microsoft could probably turn things around because like we've seen in gaming anyone has the chance to redeem themselves but I really don't see the PlayStation not selling great units you have to consider that the PlayStation 3 still ended up out selling the 360 even a year later with a more disasterous launch with a more expensive system....

If Sony still has the same philosophy in regards to new intellectual property I guarantee you they're still going to sell more home consoles.

And I don't really believe there was a massive turnaround regarding Nintendo because a lot of people might be making this comparison from the switch to the Wii U but you're also making a comparison to a dedicated Home console to a portable when generally speaking Nintendo's Portables have actually always statistically performed the better than their home consoles.

So Nintendo switches success I would argue is more inevitable then something like the Wii U. Trust me taking it on the go is a absolutely massive to that install base.

So you're not really saying that Millions hated the idea of portable yet suddenly love the idea of portable because it doesn't actually make any sense , I have no clue why anyone would ignore the 3 DS Market buying the switch considering both devices can be portable. So I truly truly truly believe the explosion in switch sales you're seeing can be attributed to lots of pretty ass Gamers purchasing the switch as opposed to people never bought Nintendo systems suddenly now buying them.

Nintendo has an absolutely massive install base of portable Gamers that trust me absolutely went nuts when they heard Nintendo's Focus would now be on portable devices, so I don't really believe the comparison to the Wii U is fair because it's trying to create this idea that no one wanted to buy a Nintendo product the previous generation when clearly the 3 DS shows that was not the case they simply just did not want to buy a stationary dedicated Home console by Nintendo.

So I'm not entirely sure why you just ignored the 3 DS success.

Protagonist289d ago

Wii U was such a failure ;)

Alucard_420289d ago

it was but I am glad I got one, got to enjoy some greats games I would of not been able to get anywhere else.

Alucard_420288d ago

i get disagrees for enjoying great games and acknowledge the WII U was a bust, what is wrong with you people i can't enjoy games???? dafuq

Strafe288d ago

'Wii U was such a failure ;)'

You have something in common,

Protagonist288d ago (Edited 288d ago )

Me and the Wii U?... is this supposed to be a comeback to something factual, by insulting me? good going kid.