Battles in Star Ocean: The Last Hope (Siliconera Preview)

Like The Last Remnant-the other XBox 360 title Square Enix was showcasing at this year's Tokyo Game Show-the debut of Star Ocean 4 in North America is not far off. The localized version will be arriving in March, less than a month after the Japan release. Taking place just years after weapons of mass destruction have rendered the earth uninhabitable, an event that far precedes Star Ocean: First Departure, human civilization has taken to colonizing space, encountering extraterrestrial allies and hostile life forms both. The ability to navigate between planets via your spaceship promises a greater degree of free exploration this time than was featured in previous titles.

The playable demo on display at TGS provided a first glimpse of the game's environs and the next incarnation of the series' real-time battle system.

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Raoh3714d ago

Looks good. This is one title i wish was on the ps3.