Games You Might Overlook This Xmas

Talk Xbox writes: "With the slow trickle of grade A++ holiday releases turning into a proverbial land slide over the coming weeks of October and November, developers and publishers alike are pushing the big guns out the door for the all important, lucrative fourth quarter Christmas season. It's an inevitable side effect that with more dominant studios' marketing budgets outrageously larger than other less fortunate companies, solid franchises both new and old alike are going to end up falling by the way side."

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razer3714d ago

Yes lets see

Motorstorm 2 - boring
Little Big Planet - kids game
Resistance 2 - mediocre

Definately skipable.

LeGenDx3714d ago

if so give me some reviews on why u think boring etc etc.

FCOLitsjustagame3714d ago

Yes I have noticed Tomb Raider makes few peoples "lists". I have it on mine as a "wait and see". That video looked good.

Quantum Solace is a movie tie in game, yet someone who played it at one of the shows said its a good game. Still I am not convinced so its not on my list...but that could change if it is indeed a fun game.

Banjo Kazooie I still see as a "kids game" so its not on my list. I will wait for someone to convince me othewise.

Sonic? Really? No interest. How about Spiderman Web of Shadows, that will be overlooked and certainly should be on the list before Sonic.

NMC20073714d ago

is that it won't be overlooked but more like avoided due to his past game experiences, gamers have been burned so many times that they smell the smell of burning flesh while playing Sonic games, I for one have purchased just about every Sonic game ever made, except the handheld ones because I don't like portable gaming, and foolishly I will be there day one for Unleashed.

Will my flesh burn and I have friends serve me up with a side of potato salad? or will Sonic soothe my broken heart of his last game? November 18th we will see.

So Sonic isn't going to be overlooked, just avoided.

Cenobia3714d ago

Yeah, Web of Shadows should definitley be on the list. There are too many other games for it to do well. I definitley want it, but I don't have the cash and it's a title that could go either way in reviews at this point.

I agree that Sonic is avoided. I can't remember a decent Sonic game in...well since it was 2D. They should really just release a new Sonic game on PSN/XBLA/WiiWare. It would have a much better chance of being good, and would sell a whole lot more than these obscure 3D titles. They should follow in Mega Man's footsteps. I'll definitley be avoiding Sonic this time around. Spyro will probably be a better title to get for people who are looking for that style of game.

AAACE53713d ago

I think the new Tomb Raider will garner the sameor possibly more attention as the previous one!

Don't underestimate the new 007! I really had no interest in anymore 007 games, but for some reason I feel like this could be a great title! It looks to be as much fun as we had with the old Goldeneye, with gameplay like Rainbow Six: Vegas, and the Graphical speed of CoD 4! I think this is one that will sneak up on alot of people.

Banjo on the other hand is a tricky one though! You havethe creativity that is said to rival LBP, it's cutesy, it has a lego aspect, and you get a free game with it, all for $40! This is directly targeted at the kids to go along with the price drop but to be honest... I am even thinking about getting this one just because of what's offered! And if I don't like it that much, then my wife or sons will still play it!

I know Sonic has sucked in the past, but the new title looks like Sega has realized that Sonic has to evolve just like Mario had to evolve, and will present something worthwhile.

Predicted review scores:

Tomb Raider: Underworld - 8.5

007: QoS - 9.1

Banjo: N&B - 8.8

Sonic: Unleashed - 8.2

Skyyo3714d ago

yes i will be over looking all of those games!

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