MotorStorm Mondays: The MotorStorm Festival, Demo Coming This Week

PLaystation blog: "Since Day 1, I knew it wasn't going to be easy to put a soundtrack together that would have the right vibe for a festival of racing like MotorStorm. You see, Music is one of those things that no one is ever "wrong" about. Everyone has an opinion, and everyone knows best, but no one is ever wrong! After countless discussions with various people involved in creating the Festival Infrastructure around the MotorStorm racing events, my challenge was set: I needed to put together a lineup that not only fit with a racing game, but one which could feasibly be the Festival line up to end all Festival line ups. It had to be Anarchic, Aggressive and Raucous. That was the easy part. The tough part was making sure that the soundtrack became as much a signature of MotorStorm as the racing itself was."

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Cynical-Gamerzus3714d ago


Just give me In game custom Soundtracks like Wipeout HD !!!
That game blows everything else away so far!!
Can you say DSP type effects to your own songs??

Sevir043714d ago

^^ while i'll pick up Motorstorm :PR it will have to wait till after resistance 2, LBP an d dead space.