PSP-3000 Is Pandora Proof, For Now

As expected, Alek has confirmed that the newly released PSP-3000 model does not work with Dark_AleX's Universal Unbricker, or Despertar del Cementerio v7, presumably due to the inclusion of an updated CPU that can also be found in TA-088 v3 units. This essentially means that it is impossible to install custom firmware on a 3000 unit at this time.

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sinncross3687d ago


I understand that CFW can do some amazing things for the PSP, things which Sony should invest in, but in all honesty, its hurting software sales, which hurts Sony.

jlytle12343687d ago (Edited 3687d ago )

i agree. i dont see why sony and the homebrew community cant reach out to each other and put an app store on the psp.
im all for homebrew. But downloading games from torrent is too tempting and i understand now its hurting the psp's game catalog.