Why We See More Remasters Than Remakes

With the success of 2017’s Crash Bandicoot: ‘N Sane trilogy and the great deal of anticipation already surrounding the soon-to-be-announced Spyro trilogy, one may wonder why remakes aren’t a more common industry practice. Many popular games from the previous generation have been remastered for current platforms, so why not do the something similar in remaking a slew of classics? The nostalgia factor runs strong in the gaming community, so a good remake is almost guaranteed to make money. The thing is, though, remaking an older game is much more difficult giving a slightly aged title the ol’ remaster treatment. Remakes are bound by expectations that remasters aren’t. Unlike remasters, remakes must provide an experience that’s clearly distinguishable and better than the original. Failure to do so always results in fan backlash and disappointing sales figures. Successful remakes are inherently difficult to create and so developing is a much more risky venture.

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FallenAngel1984288d ago

It’s no mystery why that’s the case.

Remasters take less effort than remakes, so you’re going to naturally see more remasters produced than remakes.

It doesn’t take an article to come to that basic conclusion.

MasterCornholio287d ago

Pretty much it. But remakes can bring really old games to current gen standards which is why I prefer them over remasters or BC.

CorndogBurglar287d ago


On the other side of the coin, remakes can also totally ruin the old game if they try to implement too many new things that changes the original from what it was. Shadow of the Colossus is the correct way to remake an old game. Jist update it from the ground up visually. Maybe enhance gameplay mechanics. But don't change the game itself.

This is what scarez me about FF7 Remake. It doesn't look like they are just bringing the old game to the new generation. It looks like they are changing the combat and everything. That to me isn't a remake. Not when the only thing it has in common with the old game is the story. The game itself is totally different at that point.

Just my opinion, but remakes should mean "remaking the old game", not making a new game and retelling the old story.

SuperSonic91286d ago

I don't know why I can't stop playing SOTC remake on PS4....
This game pulls me in so much I wanna be a completist.

SuperSonic91286d ago (Edited 286d ago )

There is a great reason why the PS2 is the greatest video game console of all time.

If there is one thing that Shadow of the Colossus PS4 Remake taught me is that during the PS2 era game designers has already seen the potential of 2D and 3D game design and vision. Be it the execution of these games were limited by the hardware power the foundations and formulas were laid out. The next generations of games are just made bigger, longer, prettier, flashier.
SOTC PS4 speed runners say its still the same PS2 game they speed ran many years ago and the enjoyment never diminished.

This is why polished remakes and remasters work and are welcome during this era.

timotim287d ago

I just like what im seeing from Microsoft in this department. Im amazed at what they are pulling off with there X enhanced titles. Played Witcher 2 today on X and a 4K OLED...the game looks damn near current gen! Costed me nothing!

InKnight7s287d ago

Remakes are just re-investment on same resources and concepts. So if this remake on proper hit it won't be profitable(the main target of any bussiness). As example, do any of us expect Midnight Club remake? Simply its impossible, New game new cars new story is selling. RE1,2,3, FFVI,VII,VIII,IX , ICO team games, old big hit platforms and MGS are just few exceptions. We all will choice new FIFA, new Midnight Club, new Forza(Horizon), new SpiderMan, new BF, new Dark Cloud, new God of War, new AC, new Uncharted, and the list goes on and on for new games over their remakes and it seems rational new content. I mean Even in FFVII case most fans won't be bothered if the annoucment was a FFVII sequel back then.