Neocrisis: Did Sony Lie?

Neocrisis: According to Sony, there would be nine new PS3 exclusives revealed at this years Tokyo Game Show. We believe that we have listed 6 of the 9 exclusive games. Would this mean that Sony indeed lie? Also listed are the three new PS3 exclusive announced by third-party publishers.

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Zerodin3687d ago (Edited 3687d ago )

They've lied since E3 05.
Just because you disagree, doesn't make me wrong.

The gaming GOD3687d ago (Edited 3687d ago )

So aside from trolling, what is your point? EVERY company in the world does that.

ExcelKnight3687d ago

The right question is when does the gaming media ever get things right.

The listing was of 9 playable PS3 games on the TGS floor that weren't part of their original list. In the end, we got all 9 listed.

How is this so hard to understand?

Beast_Master3687d ago

They said nine and we got nine I guess. Quantum Theory and Demon Souls seem to be the only ones that I am remotely interested in right now, maybe Yakuza 3, but there is a chance it may never be released outside Japan.

What the heck is Spelunker?

Seraphim3687d ago

A spelunker is one who explores caves.

As for the list, yeah, 9 games are even listed on the site. Nice shot at attention neocrisis

Omegasyde3687d ago

New Revised List by Neocrisis.

1. Bomberman Ultra
2. Yakuza 3
3. Demon's Soul
4. Derby Time Online
5. Dress
6. Way of the Samurai 3
7. Unknown \
8. Unknown ->=SO?New features, Home Partners, PSP PSN, 2.5Firmware
9. Unknown /

Third-party Publishers:
1. Spelunker from IREM
2. Quantum Theory from Tecmo
3. Metal Gear Online Expansion from Konami

Let alone we might not know what happened behind closed doors till next week.

juuken3687d ago

Yes Zerodin. Why does Sony lie? Why does Nintendo lie? Why does Microsoft lie? There are answers to questions we may never know about.

And yet you can't answer the question as to why the media misunderstands things and blows them out of proportion.

Sarcasm3687d ago

They all lie, but none can compare to the deception of Enix.

Bubble Buddy3687d ago

"1 - When DOESN'T Sony lie?!
They've lied since E3 05.
Just because you disagree, doesn't make me wrong."

Just because people agree, doesn't make you right either.

NegativeCreep4273687d ago (Edited 3686d ago )

"1 - When DOESN'T Sony lie?!
They've lied since E3 05.
Just because you disagree, doesn't make me wrong."

Well just because a jealous phanboy like yourself hates Sony and says the PS3 will fail, doesn't mean its going to happen, now does it?

Oh and BTW ZEROdin, what bigger lie is there than Microsoft totally denying that the RROD fiasco was not a legitimate problem and saying it was just an isolated incident??? Hmnn? Why don't you try smoking on that?

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The gaming GOD3687d ago

But one of the unknowns is GTI Club from Konami

Daz3687d ago

You are right but thats not what the topics about.

Its about sony no one.

The gaming GOD3687d ago

True, but I was addressing the troll

TheHater3687d ago

The said that there will be 9 unannounced title for the ps3. The didn't state whether it will be exclusive or not.
I like how these website starving for hits like putting words in people mouths.

MrSwede3687d ago

"I like how these website starving for hits"

You don't know the half of it.

Neocrisis... *shakes head*