Metal Gear Solid 4 Raiden Cosplay: You Have To See It

Michael McWhertor writes:

"Normally, we'd slave over a snappy headline to lure you in. Something with "boobs" or "first this or that" or "Haruhi" in the title. But this is Metal Gear Solid 4 cosplay. This is gender-bending Raiden cosplay. It's a hard sell. And you have to see it."

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Shane Kim3690d ago

Im more impressed of her eyes. Beautiful.

(Hope it's not a guy....aaah whatever, Shane Dim likes it all)

SPECTER3689d ago

yea she is great she does alot of different cosplay.

jpod3689d ago

Too good. She's walking around like "Yeah, I'm that cool" or something. Do WANT!

dj_funky3689d ago

being raiden for halloween would be the sh!t.

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