The Future of Metal Gear: Survive isn’t it, but there’s hope

To kick off Kojima week on Pause Resume we start with looking forward. Does the series that has always had Kojima at the helm have a future? As someone who’s always been a big fan of the franchise, Craig looks at the future of Metal Gear

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coholeci295d ago

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2pacalypsenow295d ago

The only future i see for MGS is remakes.

The only way I would buy any new MG game, is if it was a remake of MG1 and MG2:Solid Snake, even though MGS was near identical to MG2

PhoenixUp295d ago

The future of Metal Gear will be littered with microtransactions

Matrix6294d ago

There is no 'hope'. Metal Gear is Kojima, not Konami. I'm following the creator and what he's evolved into, for he is Metal Gear.

TheDriz294d ago

There hasn’t been a good metal gear since MGS3 and even then 1 is not that fun when you go back to it and lots of people hated #2. These fanboys of Kojima just completely forgot how mediocre the series actually is. MGS3 was amazing for sure and I personally loved MGS2 but besides that I think the series is just okay.

TrueMetal294d ago

MGS1 was great for it's time, but the mechanics haven't aged well. MGS2 is awesome. I didn't like it when I was a young teen because I wanted to be Snake, but I appreciate it now. MGS3 rules as you said. I love MGS4 because it's pure fan service. I love all the cut scenes even if that turns off some people. The gameplay is still solid. MGS5 has the best gameplay and graphics but the worst narrative if you ask me. I also love MG2 SS on MSX and Peacewalker. I don't agree about the series being mediocre.

Chumdiddy294d ago (Edited 294d ago )

I'd give a new MG game a chance if Konami weren't massive c****. They destroyed any hope I have of it being decent. I even gave Survive an honest chance during the open beta but it was trash. I want to continue my love of the series but complete c**** own the franchise so I doubt I'll be able to.

I'd happily buy a good remake of MG-MGSV.
I'd absolutely give a new, legit MG a fair chance.
I just have zero hope Konami will do anything good with the series. Why? They're c****.

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