Tesco selling Saints Row 2 on PS3 for £15.97

Playstation 3 fans looking for a bargain may want to head to Tesco's website this evening as they are currently selling Saints Row 2 for a bargain price of £15.97.

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Fishy Fingers3688d ago

UK and Ireland perhaps. overseas no.

sackboy says hi3688d ago

this makes sackboy so happy he lives in the uk.... :)

u can get everything so cheap at tesco, if tesco goes to america im sure u gys will love it.

Tomdc3688d ago

just got it! I don't want the game really so i'll sell to mate for like 25 quid, i bet i could make a profit just by handing it into game =D

wotta3688d ago

No sure if they ship overseas or not.

jaffa_cake3688d ago

wow £15.97 what a deal it works ive got mine ;)
email confirmed price oh yes what a steal. Must be a error a new game for under £16 i'm guessin it will be back up to £39.99 by tomorrow, someone's gonna be pissed off!

chasuk083688d ago (Edited 3688d ago )

I ordered mine aswell, and im also gunna be really annoyed if they change the price, but £16 !! what a bargain, cant go wrong for that money.

Everyone who ordered, read your emails, they cannot change the price, so 15.97 is the final price you pay even if they do change it.

Hapimeses3688d ago

Hard to resist at that price.

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The story is too old to be commented.