Rare: We've Seen That Watching People Play The Sea of Thieves Beta Has Driven Pre-Orders

Rare's Joe Neate revealed that people watching the Sea of Thieves beta being played has driven pre-orders in that period, enticing new customers into getting into the game.

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ccgr112d ago

Nice it does look promising :)

Gunstar75111d ago

It does. I've go e from mildly interested to counting down the days since watching the various twitch streams.

Looks like a game anyone can have fun with, but who the commited can really master without paying to upgrade ships etc.

Should make for a fair playing field

KaiPow112d ago

Watching some of the influencers play this on Twitch has gotten my interest. I'll have to check it out when it launches on the game pass program!

Ukgamer112d ago

There will be an open beta in the next couple of weeks I would expect

Alexious112d ago

I believe it's just scale tests from now on.

Cyborgg112d ago

Another beta? The game comes out in three weeks

Eonjay112d ago

What do you like about the game the most?

112d ago
Brian7655492112d ago

Are you asking because the game also interests you or are you just wanting to counter anything he throws at you? personally I love the art style/setting and I also love the social aspect of it. It's going to be very fun with friends.

mark_parch111d ago (Edited 111d ago )

This may sound strange but i find just sailing from one location to another is fun in itself. the core mechanics are so good. interesting to see what they add in future updates, they have already strongly hinted at fishing

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Pantz112d ago

i bought 2 copies and i already have game pass

ziggurcat112d ago

why would you need to buy two copies?

Pantz112d ago (Edited 112d ago )

One for me, one for my sister. I had already pre-ordered them with gift card before getting* game pass.

Alexious112d ago

Maybe he's gifting it to a friend?

ziggurcat112d ago


was only asking, not attacking.

ThinkThink112d ago

I have an xbox X and S at home, do I need 2 copies of sea of thieves to play with my kids if we're all on the same network? I was just going to use gamepass.

ziggurcat112d ago

I believe the game is tied to your account, so if your account is on both consoles, you will probably just need the one copy - my understanding is that everyone has access to any of the games on the console even if they weren't the one who purchased the game?

Pantz112d ago

Can they play online game at the same time?

Actually112d ago (Edited 112d ago )

Actually, You don’t need to buy two versions. Just put both live accounts under your family plan and every digital game you buy will work on both systems. So technically you only need to purchase one version. I play Minecraft with my son doing the same thing.

Kribwalker112d ago

whichever console is set as your home console can play any game you buy and share your xbox live with their own accounts. Any other console out there you sign into will
act the same way. But you have to be signed in. I buy digital only and play with my kid all the time. And if it’s play anywhere my older kid that PC games can also play at the same time.

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timotim112d ago

Pre ordered X and Surface Pro await it's arrival

lxeasy112d ago

Which generation of Surface do you own?

timotim112d ago

SP2, but ill be getting a 2018 model this year...i7quad core, 16GB of ram, Iris Plus 640 most likely...

Legacy212112d ago

Pre ordered 4 copies for everyone to play. My xbox one x is ready. It's a pirate life for me march 20th

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The story is too old to be commented.