12 Games That Prove Switch Isn’t Just for Kids

Nintendo isn't home for families only anymore. In fact, lots of games have already released for the Switch that prove that it's a console not only meant for kids.

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coffeemaster292d ago

But I thought nintendo games were for babies 😉

Belinker300290d ago

Some would say videogames are for kids,but yeah

PhoenixUp291d ago

Nintendo consoles haven’t been just for kids for generations, yet some people still think that to be the case.

If at this point they’re not convinced, I’m pretty sure no amount of list would change their minds.

Adnanilyas21290d ago

Good article, something I have seen more proof of with the SWITCH. So many games missing off that list Outlast, Layers of fear etc

DwightSchrute01290d ago

Switch is for everyone, whether you like home consoles or portable, whether casual or hardcore gamer it's like the best of both worlds.

Ittoittosai290d ago (Edited 290d ago )

Any console focused on its ability to be used while traveling to me is for children. As a north america adult I drive every where and if Im not at home Im working, seeing a movie or doing something that wouldnt allow me to play a switch to begin with. If I do have 5, 10mins before I say, begin teaching Jujutsu, Im usually play an emulator on my phone of Master system, Genesis, NES, SNES or Im remote playing my PS4.

CorndogBurglar290d ago


I find it interesting that you say you think a console focused on portability is made for kids, yet the only times you mentioned you actually play games is portable....emulators on your phone or remote playing your PS4.

Sounds to me like you could benefit quite a bit from a Switch. You know, a console thats for kids because its focused on portability?

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