Antec Launches Skeleton PC Case

GamingShogun writes, "Antec has launched a new PC gaming case called the 'Skeleton'. With a unique open-air design, the Skeleton looks to be a very cool fit for your overclocking rigs...The Skeleton's open structure design and flexibility bring a high level of cooling, ease-of-use and stylish appearance to any PC. Customizable and offering unprecedented levels of cooling, the Skeleton features an open frame and a top mounted, three-speed, 250mm TriCool multi-color LED fan, allowing users to adjust fan speed, as well as case illumination..."

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Blasphemy3687d ago

Looks pretty cool but damn you will have to worry about dust alot more often.

JelalTrueshot3687d ago

Thats true. I guess the trade off is that a compressed air can will spray better into this case though. More dust but easier dusting?