Laptopmag: BlackBerry Pearl Flip 8220 review

Laptopmag Writes:

"The Pearl Flip is rated for 4 hours of talk time. After making a few initial calls, we watched videos for an hour and a half, and then listened to a few songs before letting the device idle overnight. The next day, after playing Texas Hold'em King 2 for another hour and a half and snapping a few pictures, the battery had nearly run out.

We weren't sure what it was going to be like using a clamshell BlackBerry. But over a few days, we grew to like the design. Flip phone fans and Pearl addicts will appreciate the improved, spacious keyboard, higher-resolution display, fresh operating system, and sleek style. If you can live with EDGE data when you're outside of hotsport range, and you don't have a need for GPS on your phone, it's a good choice."

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