Super Smash Bros. for Switch Rumor: Port or New Game?

"Industry insider and former video game journalist Emily Rogers has gone on record stating that a Super Smash Bros. game will be released for Nintendo Switch this year.

I give my thoughts on the matter." -- Nintendo Enthusiast

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PhoenixUp296d ago

It’d obviously be a port.

A new game would be too much development to release in a more timely manner

ShottyatLaw296d ago

It's been almost 4 years.

I personally think it will be a bit more than just a port, but less than a full overhaul.

_-EDMIX-_296d ago

I doubt that because they would have already had several years to develop Smash Brothers and I also believe if they were ever going to make a port it only would have been within the window of release especially if you consider how quickly a port can be made in the first place there would be no benefit for them not to release it early when the switch launched.

I see the next Smash Brothers very very very likely being a new game.

3-4-5295d ago

I'd prefer a new game as I think the stages in SB4 are a bit gimmicky....too many moving stages and not enough normal stages with slight variation in platform location.

I like the roster though.

Deluxe version of SB4 would have to include new stuff aside from what is in the 3DS & Wii U versions of the game.

Zodiac296d ago

I don't think they will even bother with a brand new game at all in the Switch's cycle. It wouldn't be a huge visual upgrade and what else would they even do? I bet Nintendo puts out a super enhanced port with slight visual upgrades, new stages, new characters characters and just pledges a year of DLC support like they did with Smash 4.

Uken12296d ago

I agree. I think a whole new Smash would honestly be pointless. Smash 4 is so well balanced now and 50+ characters, tons of levels and more. What it needs is an online overhaul and a single player overhaul. Also get rid of that "Boardgame" crap on the Wii U version. maybe add some of the 3DS stuff to it also.

wonderfulmonkeyman295d ago

I don't like the Smash Tour mode on the Wii U version, either.XD
I much prefer Smash Run, but Smash Tour is great for parties with buddies at home, so I say keep both and toss them into a Definitive Edition that has all of the content from both, stages and trophies included.

Although, what I'd love most is a new version of the "Subspace Emissary" from Brawl, as a new mode instead of replacing existing ones.
I think it's probably the best they could have done for a story in Smash bros, and a sequel would get me pumped because the end-boss for that was great fun, and I'd love to see what they could do if they expanded upon the premise of the mode as a whole.

Uken12295d ago

Yeah Smash Run on 3DS was fun but not what it could have been. Very bare bones. Smash Tour was very half assed and was super boring. I don't want to see it ever again lol. Or if you do do it, it basically has to be Smash x Mario Party.
The Emissary thing could be awesome, especially if they pushed it even further and made it more interesting. I mean a 4 player Side Scroller in a Smash game would be awesome. Just treat it like an Snes game and make it very interesting. I mean they have so much source material.

RosweeSon296d ago

It’ll be a port and I’m fine with this as mainly nailed 3ds version and barely touched my Wii u version but I’ll happily take a port of both in 1 best of both worlds all levels characters etc. On switch!! Yes please

wonderfulmonkeyman295d ago (Edited 295d ago )

Sakurai himself stated that a new game wouldn't be in the cards for many a year, if ever, after Smash 4 was done, because of all the stress it put him under personally, both physically and mentally.

So if we're going by the words of the creator himself, the most likely outcome this time around is that it will be a port of Smash 4.
Likely a "Definitive Edition", like the upcoming Hyrule Warriors port, in that it will include all of the stages and content from both the Wii U and 3DS versions, with a small bit of new content.
At this point it might even be too much to say that they'll add in new fighters, though I think everyone's hoping for at least one more.

This also makes more sense from a "fill the calendar" point of view; if they had done this port before now, it would have gone over well, sure.
But then they'd have one less super-big title to release in their second year, and one less ONLINE title to release alongside their new online subscription plans.

It makes more logical sense to hold back such a port for when their network ideas are ready to roll out beside it.
Mario Kart was the exception to that because it's an even bigger seller, and was needed for that first-year boost.
Smash is the sales-locker for year two, in a sense, if they do it right.

JunMei295d ago (Edited 295d ago )

I mean... does Smash truly need a new game? Just make a port and add Snake back, then some more older stages including the 3DS version's, and then they're golden.