8 Xbox One Exclusive Games To Be Excited For In 2018

When compared to the likes of Sony and Nintendo, one could argue that Microsoft has something of a software problem, in that there isn’t much of it.

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PiNkFaIrYbOi288d ago

For me personally the only one that I am looking forward to is State Of Decay 2.

Ukgamer288d ago

Really looking forward for this too just disappointed with the lack of info being released about it

coholeci287d ago

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Kaze24287d ago

I prefer if they stay quiet and surprise me later when the game is near it's release, don't want all them PoS4 fans ridiculing SoD 2 just to hate anything xbox like they did with Crackdown 3.

mark_parch287d ago

I'm really excited for sea of thieves and especially state of decay 2. considering sod2 is supposed to release this spring I'm also gutted we aren't getting any info. there just doesn't seem to be any hype apart from the sod1 community

PhoenixUp288d ago

What’s a rumored title like Fable 4 really doing on this list?

Sonic_Vs_Mario288d ago

"New report suggests next Fable game is in early development at Playground Games"

Kingthrash360288d ago

Early development doesn't mean 2018... we've blurred the lines of "exclusive" games...we blurring dates now too?

DJStotty288d ago


Probably why the piece says "Look, Probably Not" as a chance of releasing in 2018

Cyborgg288d ago (Edited 288d ago )

That game sounds meh and will probably flop

PhoenixUp288d ago

That’s not a confirmation that’s a rumor

KiRBY3000288d ago

How about the fact that half of those 8 games are releasing on PS4? This has to be one of the weakest "exclusive" line-up in console history.

zaherdab288d ago

Well they couldn't find any other games to put on the list and they had already written the title ... so too late to change it .... so they slap a game we know nothing about and have not even seen a picture of .... anticipated indeed

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iplay1up2288d ago

State Of Decay 2,and Sea Of Thieves are going to be great. Also come out on Games Pass same day as release. All Xbox exclusives will. For 10 a month its a no brainer.

Ukgamer288d ago

I'm still weighing up whether to go for the game pass or just buy the games

iplay1up2283d ago

Don't know why I got down votes. Sea of Thieves and State of Decay $120 , and I would play them and dump them.....Games Pass, $10 per month, $120 per year. 170 games, I can download.

mark_parch287d ago (Edited 287d ago )

i'll be game sharing game pass with a friend so only £4 a month for me, it's a no brainer. really looking forward to sot and sod2. wasn't planning on buying crackdown 3 but seeing as how i'll be practically getting it free I will give it a try

Eonjay287d ago

Your clause is missing a subject.

shinoff2183288d ago

I've found some info saying last night which looks cool will be coming to other consoles and a certain console ponied up hush money

Not a bad list. There's a few I'd be interested in if I had a one

mark_parch287d ago

it's a console launch exclusive so all we know is it's definitely coming to at least one other console. not sure where you read Microsoft paid to keep it timed exclusive but I read something from the developer and they basically said Microsoft have helped them by giving them a platform to showcase the game (e3) basically nobody would know about the game if it wasn't for their help. I imagine it's a similar thing with ashen, basically they are making the game for xbox/windows 10 while Microsoft market the game for them then after release they are free to port the game to other platforms

Rude-ro287d ago

Well, being that 80% of Microsoft’s exclusive are from exclusive deals... I think it is safe to say “help” is pr for paid.
How in the world would Microsoft help? They do not make games.
Last 8 years, 1 new AAA first party game/series and 4 console variations...

morganfell287d ago

They aren't exclusives though. If they are on PC - and yes I have said the same thing about similar games on the PS4 - then they are not exclusive.

mark_parch287d ago
This is a great video for anybody interested in the last night, explains how [email protected] and the british government help them with the game

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The story is too old to be commented.